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About me

I am happy 🙂 and I enjoy what I do for living. I also do sessions in person, or online – Viber, Watsup… More about me you can read here:
I want to share my satisfaction with you Tomislav, since I was on the THETA HEALING treatment with Tomislav Gunjaca so much has changed. It's hard to write and describe everything … I want to tell you, but you know that feeling when you feel something suffocating and contracts in a nutshell every day, and when you are every day more and more bent…
Milena Žganjer
In the moments when I fully believed in the suffering and pain of watching your child how the second day in a row continuously vomiting, I felt a complete inability to help him anyway – all I knew was that we need help … and we got it. Tom has managed to find and see the love in me and my child and that love re-connect us. Love us healed. The lo…
Ivancica Valek
Hi Tomislav, we thank you for all during the two days Think What You Think class. For your hospitality, the knowledge and for the whole program. It’s for us a unforgetable week-end with a never ending use for each persons goal. Let me congratulate you for this work, if it’s allowed to do it as I am a beginner.
Franziska Bader and family
THINK WHAT YOU THINK with Tomislav of Croatia in Arlington Heights, IL!!! Thank you Tomislav…I highly recommend this class for all ThetaHealers… It focuses on looking at how and why people create negative thinking and then in depth & correlation to how it plays out into their health, lives, well being, careers, finances, families, relations…
Stacy Rush
An amazing and fun class! So much clearing and letting go invoking our positive thoughts!
Sean Michael Campbell
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tomislav at the Thetahealing practitioners workshop in Las Vegas. Although I have been a healer and teacher guiding people for the past 20 years, I had my own personal problems which I was unable to resolve. I was looking for guidance and I firmly believe that its the Creator’s design that we sat together for a rea…
Anandi Nagarajan
Theta practitioner alone, but when it comes to my family then I am a wife, mother … While I do to others and themselves very successful when it comes to my child often can not see from where to start. So last summer I had a situation in which I knew to get out. My son's behavior has become socially unacceptable and we were forced to send him to t…
Dijana Lackovic
Even after 11 years of ThetaHealing I was surprised how much I cleaned and the things I found, on Think What You Think class. If you are in Croatia… and want an excellent Theta Teacher and Therapist… I can not recommend highly enough Tomislav… not just one of the best in Croatia… one of the best ANYWHERE!! Catch him anywhere in world if yo…
Steve Parker
Think What You Think – Amazing class!!! Thank you
Panagiotis Monachos
Tomislav is a Theta healer who is connected to Creator in a very profound and clear way. I found his approach is easy and I liked his gentleness & clarity. I would highly recommend a session with him. The insights he shared are very helpful.
Shelina Manji
Working with Tomislav was such a great experience. He is a caring, gentle intuitive and a great healer. When I received a session from him, we got to the point easily and effortlessly. After he changed my issues around a certain topic, I was able to make some very significant realisations about how I created those patterns in my life, what we worke…
Szilvia Nagy
Tomislav, after 3 days we spent with you on the basic course, everything began to happen. So here's to describe a bit it all together, as honestly: The first day – although I had a looot of information on Theta, I was somewhat skeptical – the first encounter was probably all like that. The first impression in the first hour or two: Come on, do not …
Robert Jakuš
For a long time I had a problem with insomnia. I could not sleep, and when I slept, I would wake up tired and worn out. This problem Tomislav solved in just one treatment, and taught me some small but BIG things. Since then I wake up rested. Freed this problem better and I feeel better.
Bozidar Blazevic
I met Tomislav at the right time of my life when I was ready for some deep personal change. So after the Basic Theta Healing course I went and to Advanced Course at Tomislav’s place. By becoming a Theta practitioner, I realized that this was the greatest gift I have received from life, the opportunity to healing myself and help others. Since then, …
Marina Jambriak
Class Think What You Think is eye – opener. I got my new thinkings and emotions. I had a fun time. Its like a solving a puzzle.
Reiko Marron Samos
Thank you Tomislav for amazing lesson that I got from the seminar "Think what you think". The power is in simplicity, and in this course I learned through you, how simple it is to communicate with the creator! Thank you
Irene Karayanni
This class was a wonderful one. It is simultaneously hands on and fun and incredibly philosophically deep and life-shifting. A beautiful combination of the ThetaHealing process with applied awareness of thought philosophy and humor. I am so grateful to Tomislav Gunjača for his gentle and humorous approach to teaching a class so aptly named. I feel …
Amy Jayalakshmi Hellman‎
HI THOMAS, I WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY THE THINK WHAT YOU THINK COURSE… from my personal experience though I've been teaching and practice thetahealing since 5 years I found really interesting all the exercises of the course and discover hidden thoughts I never would been able to do without that in depth view of ourselves! Great experi…
Marzia Rinaldi
I am grateful that the Lord has instructed me to Tomislav. In fact, my baby right side of the body quickly grew from a left and the medicine can not do anything. In reading about alternative medicine, I came across the Theta and the first time I heard of it. So I contacted Tomislav by mail. In several treatments on distance Tomislav is substantiall…
Vesna Jovanovic
… so, when I met Tomislav, I still had no idea what is energy medicine. Around me were just walking nice girl. :)) But even then I felt what it was his spiritual power, because even though we look a little different, Thomas actually knows and understands the story. Strangely, however, that he and I understand and I would not even understand myse…
Tihomir Vukovic
I am grateful that the Creator has sent me to a person such as Tomislav Gunjaca. He and his wife Sanja radiate a beautiful warm energy that is slowly and surely removes barriers that I've set on my spiritual path. Fears that were my daily life are completely gone after only two treatments. The problem with acne was reduced by 80%. The first time …
Iva Janušic
The course "Think What You Think" as I see it, is about things that we all kinda know but often forget. Such a systematic insight into the awareness and control of my own thoughts and their impact on daily life caused me to rethink and corrects the way I think. Once I confirmed that, control over my life is entirely in my hands (thoughts)…
Ivan Duricic
About "Think What You Think" seminar – I found that we always have so many beliefs to clear that can appear to be obvious, but you have to keep digging! It was a great opportunity for me to start giving my thoughts more attention and to clear fears and blocks about growing as individuals. Loved it, and would definitively recommend anyone …
Samantha Lohmann
Dear Tomislav! It's only been a few days more than a year – since our introduction. We met, I think, 6.12.2010. Pressed with my difficulties I longed for some kind of relaxation or meditation and actually to find a way to give myself and my family a way out of the problems that we are continually dragged down. A lot of space would be needed to desc…
Mirjana Krizanovic
It was a very stimulating class, Think What You Think. Helped me uncover some interesting programs that I was running. Full of innovate approaches. I recommend it highly.
Daniel Samos

Extra Credentials

My wife Sanja and I cocreated elective class with Vianna and Creator – Think What You Think.