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Learn ThetaHealing Directly From Vianna. Experience Personal And Professional Transformation And Unlock Your Highest Potential.

Vianna’s Seminars for ThetaHealers®

As a Certified Practitioner, you have the opportunity to expand your skills and deepen your understanding of ThetaHealing by attending Instructor Seminars. Experience the miracle of ThetaHealing directly from Vianna as she shows you how to teach the technique and help others thrive.

Ways to get Started
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Create Your Own Reality

We believe that with the ThetaHealing Technique you can create your own reality by reprogramming your subconscious thoughts and emotions for success and lasting happiness

Our ThetaHealers®

Meet our ThetaHealers® from around the world. Book a ThetaHealing session, register for a Certified Instructor's seminar, and expand your ThetaHealing knowledge.

WorldWide Seminars

We have worldwide locations to find ThetaHealing seminars and practitioners near you. Browse hundreds of seminars that let you learn ThetaHealing anywhere.

Vianna's webinars will broaden your horizons and show you how to use ThetaHealing techniques for your enrichment, whether you're searching for your soul mate or manifesting your best year ever. Even if you can't join one of Vianna's in-person events, her live webinars let you experience her energy and inspiration in your home.