Create Your Own Reality with Vianna Stibal

Join Vianna’s on-demand introduction to ThetaHealing and discover how to create miracles in your life and unlock your highest potential.

Finding My Purpose Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Vianna Stibal. I’m the founder of ThetaHealing, a simple yet powerful meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that can change your life by connecting with the Creator Of All That Is. I’ve healed myself through the Creator many times using the ThetaHealing technique and have witnessed thousands of instantaneous healings with my clients and students.

Through ThetaHealing, I discovered the Creator’s true plan for me, and so can you. I’ve dedicated my life to sharing the miracle of ThetaHealing so as many people as possible can feel the unconditional love of the Creator and experience spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Join our family of over 500,000 ThetaHealers® worldwide, and together we can change the world one person at a time.

What’s in the Intro?

Create Your Own Reality is where your ThetaHealing journey begins. Vianna will introduce you to this quick and effective technique that uses focused thought and prayer to connect with the Creator Of All That Is on the Seventh Plane of Existence, where you can witness miracles in your life. Watch short video to learn about ThetaHealing. Create an account for full version access.

Why take an Intro?

Create Your Own Reality is the first step to releasing your limitations and unlocking your highest potential. ThetaHealing helps you manifest your dream life and become a guiding light for others. This intro can be taken by watching the training or attending with a certified instructor.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who believes in a life force and wants to live a positive life to its fullest.​​

"I got into ThetaHealing a few years ago and ever since that my life has completely shifted and transformed into exactly what I want my life to be."
Han Dan
Han Dan - ThetaHealing ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science

What Can I Expect In This Course?

In Create Your Own Reality, Vianna will discuss the benefits of this powerful technique and how you can apply ThetaHealing in your life to create lasting, positive change.

  • What ThetaHealing is
  • Manifest the life you want
  • Discover where your beliefs come from

The Cost: Free, just create an account!

If you prefer to take Create Your Own Reality in person, we have ThetaHealers® in over 180 countries. Find an instructor near you.
ThetaHealing FAQs
Anyone can join Vianna’s on-demand course, Create Your Own Reality—no prior experience is necessary. This training is for anyone who wants to be happy and live life to their highest potential.
We believe that being in the theta brain wave state actually slows your brain down and allows you to connect to the Creator Of All That Is, no matter what religion you are. During this connection, you may witness the Creator perform miracles and do the actual healing “work.”
The Planes of Existence are the seen and unseen forces of the cosmos and the wellspring of philosophy at the core of ThetaHealing. By learning the structure of the Planes of Existence, it’s possible to create new realities in this lifetime and gain a positive perspective on difficult life situations.
Thoughts alone may manifest desires in your life about 35 percent of the time. Visualizing increases your chances to nearly 50 percent. However, manifesting with the ThetaHealing technique increases the likelihood of your success 80 to 90 percent.
We believe that when you change your beliefs, you can create your own reality. Everyone has four levels of belief: core, genetic, history, and soul. These beliefs extend into the past, present, and future, even to the electromagnetic energy that instructs our DNA. They are the basis of belief work.