ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy Instructors

Empower others by unearthing the secrets of the body.

Taught exclusively by Vianna, Founder of ThetaHealing®, this seminar is to prepare and certify ThetaHealing® Instructors to teach Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing® Seminars.

In this three week intensive seminar, the Intuitive Anatomy Instructor will learn how to interact and guide their students through three weeks of the Intuitive Anatomy Practitioners Seminar. The Instructors will receive insights into releasing blocking beliefs pertaining to being a teacher. There is a special Instructor’s Manual prepared for this seminar.

By becoming an instructor of the Intuitive Anatomy, you will receive insight on how to Download Feelings from the Seventh Plane into large groups of people through conscious permission. In small groups, students will practice teaching and presenting the core advanced exercises under the supervision of Vianna and her senior Instructors.

Spend three weeks with Vianna as she instructs ThetaHealing® Intutive Anatomy Instructors to:

Achieve the knowledge that allows students to understand and free themselves
Avoid the projection of negative Beliefs from students
Assist students in the highest and best way
Witness the Creator groom students to be the best they can be
Draw students with the same vision
Avoid the seminar “pecking orders”
Interact with students in the highest form of love
Clear your own issues as you go through the seminar
Interact with students, without reacting to their reactions
Discover if students are clear of an issue
Teach from the Creator’s perspective and definition through the Seventh Plane
Avoid dramas and triggering negative reactions from students
Honor the student’s free agency
Study the different exercises to scan the body

This seminar is only offered ONLINE the first two weeks and IN-PERSON the last week

PREREQUISITES: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and the Creator, Intuitive Anatomy Practitioners, Basic DNA Instructors, Advanced DNA Instructors, and Dig Deeper Instructors

This Course Includes:
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy Instructors Manual
  • Intuitive Anatomy Instructors Certification at Completion of Seminar
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