SoulMates are Real

SoulMates are Real

Everyone that comes to ThetaHealing has one thing in common. We believe that there was another life that existed before they came to this one, and we believe that we will live afterward. That is the one consistent belief that we all have. Because of this, it is very likely that we knew spirits from a life before this one.

You can go and manifest for a soulmate, but when you request for a soulmate from the Creator, you must be specific. You must ask for a soulmate that is compatible with you. Soulmates can be anyone you knew from another time or place. You can request a soulmate that is compatible with you, or you can create a new soulmate by meeting their spirit for the first time and creating a bond. People want relationships that existed somewhere else in another time or place, and they ask the Creator for a soulmate assuming that the individual is going to be amazing. Instead, soulmates are not drawn to us by the positive beliefs that we have in common, but instead by the negative ideas that we have in common. If you are afraid of falling in love or being loved too much, you will connect with soulmate that has those same fears. Ask for someone who shares some of your spiritual ideas. If you are looking for a soulmate, a few things might need to change. You have to work on your beliefs first.

Whereas a soulmate is someone you know from another time and space, a soul family is someone that you are related to in a way. Where we came from, we all had families. If you find someone that is a part of your soul family, you will have a deep and overflowing love for them. You will not feel a sexual draw to them because they are family.

It is important that you also be drawn physically to your soulmate. If you are not, there is something missing. People are compatible by the way we send out our pheromones to each other. There is someone for everyone. Set your goals and sights on creating what you truly want, command a soulmate that is compatible mentally, physically, and spiritually with you and that is going to grow with you, and you will have one.

We want to clear you of your worries and your fears of getting too close to someone and letting them in. We desire to help those of you that are waiting for the divine soulmate that you have dreamed about or hoped for your entire life.

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