Trust is Key

Trust is Key: Trusting Your Soulmate to Love You

To fall completely in love, you must be able to trust someone. Trust is something that’s earned. We start with what we think is possible in a romantic situation, but as soon as we begin to grow close to someone, we start to fight. As soon as we start you start to fight, we pull away. We use fighting as a way to avoid becoming incredibly close to our partners. As long as we are fighting, they do not have the ability to get to know us fully.

If you start believing that you can trust, that you know who to trust, and when to trust, and you are in the wrong relationship, things will change. If you work on yourself and you are in a relationship where someone truly loves you, things are going to change. You not only have to be able to know what you want but also how to find it.

How do people find their soulmate? Why do you have to find your soulmate? Why can’t they find you? The biggest excuse that I’ve ever heard is that as long as you are looking for your soulmate, you’ll be okay. Everybody thinks that you should be looking for a soulmate and you should be happy. Many people are happy right now in their life, but they are also supposed to be searching for someone to love them. They’ll look, and they’ll look, and they’ll never find them.

What qualities make you an amazing person and an ideal partner? Most of the people in my classes are amazing, beautiful, wonderful people that feel like their soulmate is never going to find them. They feel that they are not good enough. What must be known is that you are good enough. You are pretty enough, and you are good enough for your compatible soulmate. Your soulmate will find you. However, these thoughts aren’t what stops you.

What stops you are the fears that come with someone knowing you completely. If someone knows everything about you, they can hurt you. They can break your heart. They can take advantage of you. They can stomp all over you, so it is better to keep them at a distance. Those are massive blocks; not the fear of looking for your soulmate and never finding them, but the fear of finding them and having to trust them.

If you are not a ThetaHealer, you should see one to find out more about your subconscious beliefs, and why you are searching for a soulmate but not finding one. Looking is so much easier than finding. If you find a soulmate, you must live with them. You must be friends with them, and be compatible with them. Trusting them to love you can be frightening.

Some genetic programs to check:

  • I know how to trust someone enough to love me.
  • If I share too much of myself, my spouse will leave me.
  • There is never enough time for me.
  • I can always replace my spouse.
  • I know how to understand my spouse.

By shifting some of these beliefs, you are one step closer to trusting your soulmate to love you.

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