Ego or Egotism?

Many people confuse ego with egotism.  Having an ego is not a bad thing.  A healthy ego assists with our identity of who we are.  It defines how we dress, how we move, it is what defines us.

While ego can be healthy, egotism or being egotistical stops us from developing virtues.  Egotism brings forth karma and does not allow them to see the truth.

There is a difference between being egotistical and acknowledging that you have a gift.  Egotism can block you from using many skills.  If you are too egotistical, you will block yourself from becoming who you really are and learning what you need to work on.  Do you really have certain attributes or do you just think you do?  It may be that you are ahead of yourself spiritually and your ego is naturally keeping people away from you.

Egotism is when we think, It’s all about me, and it can border on narcissism.  An egotistical person thinks that everyone exists for them.  Competition between healers to be the “Best Healer” is a perfect example of egotism.  The best healer is the Creator of All That Is and it is our job to witness the healings. 

When we witness Creator do the healings, we may have some successes in healings and readings.  This is why we always give credit to Creator, because God is the healer.  We are the witness.  IF a healer gets confused about this, the Universe has a way to of clarifying this for them.

It is important to know the difference between the ego and being egotistical.  This keeps our ego in check and avoids the problems egotism can cause.  Being confident is witnessing the Creator of All That IS doing the healings and egotistical is taking credit for the healings.  Is it important to know the difference between these two very separate concepts.

A good way to keep the ego balanced is to have the capacity to love others at they need to be loved.  This may make us a little vulnerable.  But many of us made a promise to wake people up before we came here, which means we have to take a chance in helping them.

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