Manifesting with You Divine Timing

Divine Timing also important to consider in your manifesting.  Divine timing is what we agreed and planned to do in this existence.  When our soul awakens to its divine purpose, the time to fulfill it has come.  When this happens, the divine timing door opens and we’re given an opportunity to carry out our mission.  Our soul will make sure we’re where we are supposed to be to accomplish our divine timing.  This is because the needs of the soul outweigh the conscious mind in importance.  This is very important to remember when we are manifesting.

If your divine timing is teaching and healing people, and you are manifesting to be a movie star, divine timing will step in and possibly interfere with your manifesting to put you on track to be healing people.  How do you know if your divine timing is interfering with what you manifest for?  It is simple, your manifestation does not happen.  If your manifestation does not happen, it could be a block of your beliefs or possibly divine timing.

How do you know the difference between a belief that is blocking your manifestation or that it is divine timing?  With ThetaHealing, we do teach how to go forward and remember your future.  When I bought my office that I am teaching in now, I went up to remember my future.  I saw that I purchased it in 2016.  I found it in 2015, and I thought for sure that I was going to buy it in 2015.  I thought I had beat my own self at seeing the future and I changed the future and that I was really going to get to buy it before 2016.  But I didn’t.  I ended up buying it in 2016.  So remembering the future is a little bit different than manifesting.  But some things are all built on the right timing.

The “right timing” is sort of the divine timing inspiration where things are set up for the right time.  We planned on coming to this planet and making changes, and we actually know the time scale that we have so that we can do it.  When we manifest for things, there are no time limits.  You can manifest for your lifetime if you want to.

But if you use your divine timing to help you manifest, that you can be a great healer with kindness, understanding, and love, and that you can also be a movie star, then maybe you can be a movie star that does healings.  But you have to include your divine path in your manifesting.  With divine timing, more can be accomplished than you might imagine.  As if we see accurately, we can always improve upon our divine timing.

On a macrocosmic scale, the Earth itself has its own divine timing.  This is why it is a good idea to command that you know what the divine timing of the Earth is on a grand scale.  Once you have an awareness of this grand dimension of divinity, it will open up a new understanding that you can use for readings, healings, and manifestations.  When you are in a reading or a healing, you can ask to see part of the person’s divine timing.  And when you understand the grand scheme of things, you will know when to manifest, what to manifest, and how to manifest.


  • Would you like to know how, when and that it is possible to manifest with your divine timing.
  • Would you like to know that it is safe and possible to see your divine timing.

If so, say YES.

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