7th Plane Knowingness

7th Plane Knowingness

When you are in a dream state, you can start shifting your beliefs. The more you clear the limiting beliefs, the more realization that you have that you are connected to everything that is.

Going back to the very beginning of creation, we can see that particles and protons are created by energy. They create everything that is. From this perspective, we understand that we are on the 7th plane. Because we are all created from atoms, we always have a connection to the 7th plane, but we also must understand that we are also a part of everything that is; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is what is being referred to when say we are connected to the 7th plane. The 7th plane encompasses everything, including the 5th plane. In reality, we all desire to reach that perfect level of energy of love, and we wish to change everything. The power of perfect love is in all the planes.

When we are connected to the 5th plane, we are bound to the realms of the Masters and the Angels — that is amazing in and of itself. This plane can heal. On the 7th plane, however, things can heal instantly and without obligation. You feel this incredibly intense love, and when you feel an incredible love for mankind, there is no urge to be any higher than or superior to another person.

When you think you are a better healer, a more enlightened being, and other people are below you, you are tapping into your ego. Your ego is the 3rd plane reaching for the 5th plane. We all came from the 5th plane of existence. We are all a part of God, and because of this, we are all enlightened beings. When you begin to realize that you are more than what you seem to be as a person, you start to wake up. However, if you start to believe that you are better than others because of these powers, you will wake up and simultaneously shut down. Here, you are only reaching the 5th plane. Your ego has restricted you. If we were to be our true 5th plane selves, indeed encompassed in virtues, we would be amazing. If you exist thinking that you are better than others, you are not reaching your true potential.

In 5th plane healing, you must work on yourself before you can advance. You might have a program to heal yourself. You may have heard of the saying “Healer, Heal Thyself.” What must be understood is that in treating yourself, it may make it difficult for you to receive healing from someone else.

If you enter and make people feel better, instead of walking into the room and putting people down, then you know that you have reached that 7th plane knowingness.

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