Create Feelings to Experience Life

Create Feelings to Experience Life

Some people have never experienced the energy of certain feelings in their lives. Perhaps they were traumatized as a child and did not develop these feelings, or lost them somewhere in the drama of this existence. But to bring joy or love into our lives, we have to experience them first. The Creator must show us how they feel.

The speed at which a feeling is created is quite incredible. Things that might take people lifetimes to learn can be learned in seconds. Feelings can be learned instantaneously. People are quickly taught what it feels like to be loved, honored, respected, cherished, without a negative impression created by a habit. Once this feeling has been experienced, the person is ready to make life changes.

From the point of conception up to the present time, our cells are trained in what to expect in the way of messages coming in through their receptors. Every cell has receptors. They are there to receive nutrition, hormones, and communication. They act as reception, docking, and distribution points so that cells can function.

The cells have also been trained by the emotional messages that have been sent to them. When you insert a new feeling program, these new receptor pathways are created at the same time. The changes in the cell are recorded in the DNA, and when the cell replicates itself, the new cell will also have the new pathways.

Using feeling work, we are training our cells how to live with or without certain emotions. Feeling work gives us the ability to change our mind and to reset the receptors that are created in a Theta Brain Wave. When feelings are downloaded into Theta Brian Waves, they attain an awareness that is integrated into their All That Is by the Creator of the Seventh Plane. Teaching these feelings will have a dramatic effect on the abilities of your intuition, and will create a physical wellbeing and a greater spiritual awareness.

As you create new feelings and start to experience them, you will clear the spaces in your mind that hold on to random negative emotions such as anger, drives for revenge, resentment, regret, aggression, jealousy, envy, and bitterness. Clearing these spaces will allow you to utilize more energy, achieve faster healings, advance the human species, and connect to the divine.

The creation of feelings will help you grow. We are all here to learn by experience, and the creation of feelings facilitate that for us.

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