Healing Ourselves And The Next Generation

Healing Ourselves And The Next Generation

Inside each of us, there is a great power and a great connection with truth. With God.

When we honor that our life can be easeful, and we can create a life we love. This is an awareness that most of us will naturally realize at some point in our lives.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is work on your connection and communication with the Creator as well as work on trusting yourself and your intuition. It was ignoring my intuition that took me down a hard path and listening to it which led me to the biggest joys.

The ThetaHealing technique is a way for us to strengthen and maintain our connection and utilize it in profound ways, it helps us to remember what we are capable of and what is possible, and it helps us to keep in mind that we can achieve those things. It’s important to remember that you are co-creating your reality, so keep doing the work outside of class. Be responsible and honor yourself and your life because you are worth it. The life that your heart desires can be yours when you believe. Love is the answer.

Thank you Vianna & Thank you, Creator.
Love and Gratitude overflow my heart for you.
Love Talitha Talarek, Certified ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

Talitha has an incredible story, like many of our ThetaHealing Practitioners. She has been featured in magazines. Here is Tabitha’s story featured in the Holistic Bliss May 2017.

Watch Story below

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