Finding your Natural Motivation

Finding your Natural Motivation

The need for money motivates our subconscious. It’s what keeps us practicing, seeing clients, and teaching classes. There is a need to help people, but the extra motivation is money.

We are supposed to be motivated by that sincere desire to help. We have a genuine desire to help; we make a lot of free appointments, we see our family and help people for free. Love motivates us. However, when the want for money drives us at times, we must work on being motivated by love instead.

Some of us are incredibly motivated by love. Maybe so driven by it that we don’t ever have to worry about money. Still, at the end of the day, your subconscious knows that you have rent to pay. At the end of the day, your subconscious will create new goals to keep you motivated.

Miracles can happen when we are motivated not by our first motivation of money, but by our secondary motivation of love. If love drives you in exchange of energy, you will show up to work. If you have 20 appointments, and you really want to create something in your life, you will make it to those appointments. When you bring yourself to do all of that work, you will do it out of love, and you will take home a reward. Your subconscious knows that you will get a reward for all of your hard work. It is important that your subconscious always gets a reward. You mustn’t take the reward out of your life.

In order for me to keep doing healings, I need to make sure that my family is safe. That’s my first motivation. I want my family to be safe. In order for me to keep moving forward, I need to make sure that my family is taken care of. That is my second motivation. I am always making sure that I am motivated. But what would happen if you were assured to be motivated by love and if you had plenty? What is your real motivation?

Your soul knows what you are supposed to do. We could trust in ourselves to know that there would be plenty. But what is your motivation? How are you using this? If you have ever seen a healing, technically you have manifested your life. You are unstoppable. The only thing that is happening in your life is that your subconscious is keeping you motivated by your real goal. But what is your real objective?Your real motivation lies on a soul level. Your real motivation is to change and help as many souls as you can and to help change the world. That is your real motivation.

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