A Morning Meditation

There are a lot of ways to raise your vibration every morning, but the best way to start is at night. In the evening, if you were to rinse off your day in the bath or the shower, you would re-center yourself and start over again. Set your ideas at night, go up the Creator before you go to sleep, and send your ideas of what kind of dreams that you want. Setting the intention of what you want to create for the next day can actually help you raise your vibration as well.

In the mornings, when you wake up, you can start with a meditation. It’s interesting with what you can do. People plan to get up in the morning; they plan to exercise, and they plan to have all this time for themselves.  The ideal world teaches us to wake up, stretch, exercise, have breakfast, take a shower, brush your teeth… but really, we are all busy with life.

Start your day with a meditation. Bless your clothes as you put them on, and think that today you are beautiful as you walk out the door; you have already started your day in a better way. When you are getting ready in the morning, put on music in the background. Music can make a huge difference in how we feel. Listen to something that is uplifting and beautiful. You may want to play something upbeat.

Ideally, if you have to exercise, then of course you would exercise before you went to work, and then you would get in the shower and get yourself ready. But if you don’t have time to do all of that, putting on music in the background anywhere you go can make a huge difference, especially if you are working with the public. You want to be in good energy when you work with the public. You go up and connect to mediate; you get yourself a centered. Centering can happen really fast when you do a little bit of meditation. Putting on a little music is another way that you can center yourself quickly.

When you focus in the mornings with a meditation, you can be sure that you are in the right mood before you to go work, teach classes, or do your healing sessions. In ThetaHealing, we believe that we are connected to the energy of All That Is and that we can actually focus and connect to the energy of everything, every atom, everything that is. When you do that, it just changes your mood immediately. Literally—you cannot be angry and mad when you go up and connect to the energy of perfect love. You can’t.

From the moment that I wake up to the end of the day, I am always talking to God and saying this is what is going on, this is how I take care of it, what should I do about this. The truth is we need to get up every morning and go into a state of mediation to connect with the energy of the Creator; we can actually make our lives matter by just feeling the energy of life.

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