The Kindness Vibration

If you do the ThetaHealing meditation alone, your vibration will go up. However, one thing that brings up our energy the most is focusing on the virtues that you really want to possess. The more virtuous thoughts and the more high-vibrational thoughts that we have, the more we can do metaphysically. We become more intuitive, more psychic, and more in tune when we actually have certain virtues.

Kindness is a natural flow of energy, and when you are kind to others, your vibration will go up. Kindness comes from the inside; it’s something that comes from the heart. You know because you can actually feel it in your heart and you can bring in that energy. Real kindness is easy. People will know when you are really kind. If you feel somebody that walks into the room and they naturally have that love and kindness, you are drawn to them, and you move up your vibration. If your vibration is high enough, when you walk into a room, everyone is lifted. You are a remarkable person to actually just get up and want to change the world or help a person. Your world is filled with enormous amounts of kindness that you do not realize.

Making yourself be kind can also make a huge difference, but people know when you are faking it and when you are making it. Sometimes when you are kind, you may want something back for it. Sometimes a little appreciation would be nice. People are harsh, and they don’t always have appreciation for what you think is kind. Appreciation is a huge thing that will help bring up your vibration.

You have got to encompass kindness if you want to be a great healer. Even if you go up and pray to be a better healer, God will give you lots of time to practice with your kindness. Kindness is huge. The things that block you from being a great healer is your fear, your doubt, and your disbelief, and if you do not practice being kind, simply praying does not work to help you become a great healer.

Every day decide on one virtue that you would like to practice on. Today I see the beauty in everything. Today I am focusing on kindness. Today I am being compassionate. This can increase your vibration quickly. Going up and realizing that you have these qualities and virtues about you—that you are kind, that you are loving, that you are compassionate—is simply amazing.  Going up and asking the Creator what virtues you already have is one of the things that would really help you. You may not realize that there is something really special about you, and that is the ability to connect to the Creator—and that is remarkable.

You have to know that, eventually, part of living a high-vibrational life is love, help, acceptance, appreciation, and kindness. When you live this, and your vibration increases.

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