Go In With Love

A Theta reading is like the music of wind through the leaves, and it plays a different melody for every person. When other people look into the body, they go in looking for something that is wrong. They go in with too much stress, tension, and emotion. They are often trying too hard.

What we must realize is that the body is wonderful, even magical. When you look into the body and see a single cell, you must listen to how it sings its tiny song in harmony with the rest of the body. All parts of the body, from the smallest cell to the largest organ, sing and resonate with one another with beautiful vibrations. When there is something wrong with an organ, you will hear that it doesn’t sing ‘true’ and sends the wrong signals to the other organs.

If you are trying too hard, the person’s body will become resistant and will not show itself to you. The body’s immune system will be activated and attempt to figure out what is going on. The body will talk to you and tell what is wrong. When you first do a body scan, you may not recognize cancer and sickness in the body because the cancer doesn’t think it is bad and the bacteria and viruses can hide from you. Remember, illnesses are just energy. They serve you and show that you are out of balance.

Learn to listen to these vibrations and their signals. If you are in a person’s space in a reading and you hear an organ singing out of tune with the others, perhaps the body is out of tune or the organ has a challenge in it. When you look into the body, remember it is alive, and it will never look exactly like an anatomical model. The colors are far more vibrant and beautiful than what we see in models.

Go into the body as light as a feather floating on the breeze. Accept that the body is amazing. When you go into it, create the feeling of magic! If you relax and let that feeling flow, you will be surprised to see how right on you are.

The best thing to do when we scan the body is project a sense of love into it. When you go through the body, remember that you are not alone; you have the best tutor in the world. Just accept the healing and witness it as it is done. Healing energy isn’t created from nothing. The Creator’s love is the energy that makes the process work. Bring the Creator’s love into the healing. 


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