Expressions of Power

When we are in the theta brain wave, we connect to our own divinity but also directly to the Divine, the Creator of All That Is. We have the ability to create manifestations with the power of the spoken word. The formed thought combined with the strong emotions will expand expeditiously. It is important to be constantly aware of any random thoughts or expressions and the way that we project them. When we realize that there is an emotional component attached to the word and thought forms, it is important to understand that they do not always follow logical conclusions.

When we work with the Creator of All That Is, we explore the subconscious and conscious mind. These elements of our mind are each incredibly powerful in their own way. One of the things that you must remember when you are working with the subconscious mind is that you have to use words that the subconscious understands. Words such as don’t and can’t are often not recognized. One concept that the subconscious does not understand is the word try. You cannot try to do anything. You either do, or you don’t. Instead of trying these techniques, you are going to experience them. Approach with an attitude of do instead.

If a statement is voiced enough times, the statement becomes a “reality”. If thoughts are formed in a deep enough theta wave, instant manifestations are possible. Think about all thought forms and words that are in your paradigm. What do they mean to you on all levels of your being? Are they blocking you from progressing without your knowing it? As you develop your intuitive abilities with ThetaHealing, words, thought forms, and belief systems will all have power to create change in your daily life for good or ill.

When you connect this energy into a Reading, it is important for you to listen to the “words” of the Creator. If fears, doubts, or disbeliefs are permitted into the reading, then the communication is filtered through your belief system. It is through awareness of how the spoken word or thought forms that have the power to develop a consciousness that is important. You must watch what you say and think. Manifesting instantly is the result. If you have a negative thought or say a negative statement, always say “cancel”. One of the most powerful words to use in “plenty”.  Always affirm, “I have plenty.”

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