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Beliefs Start with the History Level

Our history level started before we were born. The history of the planet, the history of the world started before you were born. All of these DNA codes that are in our body, all of our ancestors

Theta Lifestyle

Mom to Mompreneur:

ThetaHealing is in peoples lives in many ways. We had the chance to ask one of our ThetaHealing Instructors to share with us about herself and some of her accomplishments using


Go In With Love

A Theta reading is like the music of wind through the leaves, and it plays a different melody for every person. When other people look into the body, they go in looking for something that is


Creating Space to Manifest

One of the best things that you can do is create a space where to manifest where nothing interferes with you. One of the perfect places to manifest in is your home. You definitely want to do a

Belief WorkHealings

The Body Beautiful:

Everyone is beautiful. We are all perfect in our own special way. People all over the world have different shapes to their bodies, and they are all beautiful. In western society, there is a


Unconditional Love

To have unconditional love for someone is to love them in a ‘Christ’ or ‘Buddha” consciousness. It is to see their truth through the Creator (or with enlightenment) and still love them in spite


The Power of Witness

In a deep Theta wave, we open doorways to healings, readings, and manifestations. Therefore, it is necessary for us to witness the healing energy of the Creator until the entire process has

ManifestingSoul Mates

Soulmates are Divine Timing

Many people are looking for that one individual called your divine life partner. A divine life partner is someone who shares your divine timing, shares the same exact path as you, and enters your

Soul Mates

The Right Soul Mate

A soul mate is someone you have known before in another time and place. Some believe that we lived and existed elsewhere before we entered this life and that we will continue to live afterward.