What is Serving You?

Most situations in life are created for a reason. Take a good look at your own life and observe how people are serving you. Find out why they are serving you. Is it because you are a victim, or is that you need conflict to function? If they are serving you in a negative way to create a positive effect, then perhaps it is time to free them of this obligation. If you do not release the beliefs inside of you that are causing the situation, you will replace it with one that is much the same.


When a famous Lama was asked what is the single most important thing in life, he replied, “It is the company that you keep. The most important thing you can do in this life is to keep good company.” We should all take that wisdom to heart. Look around you at your friends, your family, and your associates. Do they make you feel good about yourself, or do you permit them to occasionally drain you? It is a challenge for some people to have the confidence to keep good company. You must first learn to have compassion for yourself. This can be difficult if there are people in your life that block you from loving yourself or others.


If your childhood was turbulent and uncertain, you may not have been able to create the feeling of safety. This is because you never experienced it for long periods of time. It is important that it is instilled in a person since without it they will unconsciously create situations that are unsafe in thought, deed, and action.


Perception of information is an important factor in the understanding of healing.  Many factors such as background, present state of mind, emotional balance, physical state, and spiritual development come into play. All of these are factors in the ability to listen and discern sacred knowledge. Learn to fine-tune your perceptions so that you may find the essence of acceptance without the interference of negative and even positive influences that can block development. Many people have spent so much time living in the drama of their story that they have forgotten to be in and live in the now. These people are more often living in the past than in the present.


Some people act out commitments from genetics, history, or other planes in other times to recreate major sacrifices in this present time. This is because the soul is growing in the only way it knows how to. It needs to be retrained so that it may advance without having to sacrifice everything in order to grow spiritually or to gain materially. Sacrifice is different from commitment and conviction, and so is service. Ask the Creator that you may know the difference between these aspects. Sacrifice is a choice.

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