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About Me

About Yve Hart
Yve Hart is a Spiritual Guide and Theta Healer® Master Instructor.  
Heart-Mind Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Wellness Mentor, Writer, Speaker, and Artist.   I host various community projects and healing workshops, The 40 Day Green Cleanse, Rainbow Awakening, and various mindfulness, embodiment, and awakening workshops.  

Extra Credentials

Dr. Usui Reiki® Certified Practitioner through Linda Keil Reiki Master 2002
Intuitive Training; Teri Jecmen, Wendy Fitzgerald, Lauralyn Harter, John Hirano, Jeanie MacDonald 1993-2016
Cleanse Mentors; Shea Wills, Rebecca Ocean. 1995-2005
Taking Your Own Shape® Certified; Rebecca Ocean 2000-2005
Healing Drum Circle® Certification through UpBeat Drum Circles; 2012
Studied at THiNK (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge), ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Rhythm to a Perfect Weight, Animals Seminar, Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, Disease, and Disorders, You and the Creator. 
Basic DNA Instructors, Advanced DNA Instructors, Dig Deeper Instructors, Manifesting and Abundance Instructors, Rhythm to a Perfect Weight Instructors, Rainbow Children Instructors; 2016-2021
Optimum Health Institute 20006; Certificate of Completion for Study Course 2017
Heart-Mind® Life Coach, 2018.
Thank you~ Yve is grateful and is honored by her inherited Shamanic torch passed down from her gifted Grandmother and Spiritista Blanca Rosa Gonzalez. She is dedicated to spreading more light globally, bridging the ancestral wisdom and love from her lineage forward in a modern and elevated way through the Creator Of All That Is. 


"Since a young age I have struggled with anxiety and depression. In the recent years, I have only felt the anxiety and depression get worse. It wasn’t until this year that I sought out help. Normally I would not have even thought of reaching out to anyone because of how much anxiety I would feel. But the way I was living my life had become unhealthy and lonely. I felt disconnected with my authentic self. I had stopped caring much about most things, and felt lost and stuck. I pushed myself to reach out and it was Yve who I connected to. After my first session, I left feeling an open heart and a sense of HOPE I had not felt in a long time. Through her insight, I was able to tap into and experience the love I was lacking for myself. My body/mind was vibrating at a higher level. I started to practice some self care & self love. Something I had not done in a long time. After my second session I felt even more openings and more love. I felt at peace and a sense of freedom. We are working on healing my depression and anxiety and I feel positive and motivated to move forward with this new energy. I am calling in my authentic self under Yve’s guidance. The last few months had left me thinking something like this could not have happened I had felt so lost and hopeless. But, here I am feeling a re-birth. Stronger and open to give and receive unconditional love. I am seeing myself in a different way! On the path to healing. While I give myself credit for being open to calling in shifts and changes in my life, I also am humbled by the support and energy Yve has given to me. She truly has a gift to heal and give Love. My experience with Yve feels deep, meaningful & important. "

Chastity Mancera
Venice, California

"Im so grateful for Yve! I had really been in a slump for about seven or eight months before I first worked with Yve. After one session I felt huge shifts in my life. There were a few days of transition, things were brought to the surface, but all resolved beautifully. I'm now in the middle of the longest stretch of good days I've had in a long time. My relationships with the people I love most have all shifted for the better. My time management is flowing so much smoother and I feel like I have the space to do what my heart truly desires. My finances feel strong and stable. I’ve seen so many synchronicities in my world and seen the impact the session had not only on me but on my loved ones. This work is more valuable than I can say. So worth it! "

Tara Rose
Long Beach, California

"My Theta Healing experience with Yve was captivating. It was by turns very genteel ("Welcome to my studio. Would you like some tea?") and very primal (drums are beating...or is it my heart?) At one point I was lying down and felt a deep relaxation like I had not felt in a long time. I'm not sure if I reached the theta state, but I can tell you it was alpha at the very least! Ultimately, this session started a cascade of events that led to a major improvement in several long-standing issues I had. Primarily, I am impressed with the clarity and understanding she brought to the process. Her gentle touch and open heart brought me to a new level of self knowledge. "

Los Angeles, California

"Feeling a big shift coming towards unconditional love. So many signs in the universe.... Old patterns of addiction to love being challenged. I think maybe that is how my ancestors addiction may be showing through me... Without that love I can feel lost. Also... Working with crystals and my ancestors has had a great impact. I am attracting more crystal workers and am calling in my great grandmother for creative flow and with my interest to work with Children who have experienced trauma. Really looking at my ancestors influences a lot more and recognize my role to be one who shifts the imbalances to be more aligned to spirit. I am really grateful for that. I also recognize some doubt I have had in the work... Even questioning while we were working together....I see the years of religion that has affected my ancestry. My spirit guide is Ezekiel...or Izzy. I saw him come to me and when I looked up Archangel Ezekiel, there he was. He is the angel of transformation. I see my life as transforming past and future generations. I love Theta Healing! Sent with LOVE"

Katie Beach
Santa Cruz, California

"After each session with Yve I feel cleansed, more whole and raw and powerfully sensitive. Working with her, even remotely by phone, is like taking a trip to the home of your community medicine woman; the magic is in the simplicity, ease, accessibility and transparency of the healing. Hearing and then being empowered to follow one’s own intuition is at the heart of Yve’s healing work. Through the bold and trusting use of her own intuition and visionary sense, she is able to ask just the right questions to unearth the restrictive beliefs and patterns we put upon ourselves. For myself, this shedding of light, this turning of soil, opens often teary floodgates of desire to change and let go. Yve uses this desire to energetically cut ties to old beliefs and ways of being. The result is a palpable lightness of being and an energetic decluttering and sense of wellness. Yve is a healer I go to for help sloughing off each onion skin of healing. She empowers me to step into my own deeply attuned intuition and powers, and demonstrates that sensitivity is strength. Working with her is easeful. I HIGHLY recommend healing sessions with Yve, at times when you have no idea what is out of balance and when you are calling in extra support letting go of that which no longer serves. Caitlin Ezell Waugh, "

Caitlin Ezell Waugh
New Orleans, L.A.

"Several months back a dear friend felt that I needed to meet with Yve as he felt that we would make a positive connection and that Yve would be a good person to help me understand MY energy. As faith would have it, I had the pleasure of spending some one on one time with Yve. It was an amazing experience as Yve had already read my energy prior to my arrival....mind you I have met her once before in a different setting under different circumstances in different states of ourselves. This time I felt we had an instant connection as we were both in a state of what I would describe as our natural selves. Anyway...upon my arrival Yve immediately mentioned that my energy was different than when we first met. But this brilliant, spiritual being also read my energy prior to our first meeting and quickly pointed out that I was in my natural state then and now. She opened my eyes about my shape shifting and ability to adjust to surroundings. We spent some time meditating...actually Yve showed me how to fall into a more relaxed state and educated me on the steps to return to this state. During my meditative state Yve guided me through some negative energy that I was allowing to manifest. Yve showed me that letting go of the past and ACCEPTING the past would allow me to have a more peaceful existence. I had an AHA moment when I read a post from a friend of mine....."forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace". Harboring negative memories affects your ability to grow and accept what is good into your heart. I am very guarded when it comes to sharing my spirituality as the world is quick to judge that which they do not understand. But with Yve guiding you, you will better understand yourself. THANK YOU YVE!"

Michael Lawrence
Long Beach, California

"The gratitude I felt for working with Yve is immeasurable. Being given valuable tools to implement in my daily practices is truly a valuable gift, and something that, in taking part healing work Yve does and Theta Healing, it has shifted me into fully experiencing my authentic self. Unconditional Love for you Yve. "

Alannah Shelton
Temecula, California

"I feel so much love! This was a new experience for me and honesty I didnt know what to expect. Howerver, I am leaving with an inner peace and calmness that I don't really know how to explain in words. My heart is overflowing with gratitude! Thank you Yve. "

Jasmine Herrera
Long Beach, California

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Willing to travel with a minimum of 3-5 students booked for an individual class, depending on where I am hosted.  

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