Your Next Step

Congratulations on being a ThetaHealer.
Remember Creator doesn't limit You, You Limit You.


For many ThetaHealing is not only a technique but an amazing way of life. As a ThetaHealer, you are part of a worldwide community that embraces healing, faith, and unconditional love to create positive changes every day. This is truly special, and we are grateful to have you with us on this journey.

ThetaHealing is constantly evolving because you are evolving. No matter where you are on your path as a ThetaHealer you always have the opportunity to grow and learn as a practitioner or instructor.

There are now more than 20 Practitioner and Instructor Seminars to choose from. Check out all of the available seminars here  

If you’re not sure what the next step for you is, here are some frequently asked questions and answers that may help.


Practitioners are certified to do personal sessions but only Instructors can teach ThetaHealing seminars (give classes) to certify practitioners.

Once you have taken the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper & You and the Creator practitioner seminars you are now eligible to take these same seminars as an instructor.

You can only be certified as an official ThetaHealing Instructor by Vianna Stibal, her daughter Brandy or her son Joshua.  Take a look at our upcoming online Instructor Seminars

Practice connecting to the Creator everyday. Take a minute in the morning or evening to fill your body with unconditional love and think of gratitude. Practice scanning and reading things around you. The more you practice the more you will feel and see. Taking a seminar is also beneficial in improving your connection. This gives you a chance to dive deeper into the technique and practice with others. 


Embrace Your Purpose– with Brandy Playback in EN, HU, GR, DE, FR, RU 
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Tools to Success – with Brandy
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Follow Your Heart – with Josh and Raena
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Focus Your Thoughts – with Brandy 

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Be You – with Brandy

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