Yee Leng Ow

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science

English,Cantonese,Mandarin Chinese


About Me

My name is Yee Leng. I am an Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer and ThetaHealing® Master with a Certificate of Science based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Using English, Mandarin and Cantonese as my primary medium, I work with clients internationally.
Having witness many profound changes in my own healing journey and the life experience of many people around me, I focus in using intuitive energy healing to mentor clients find their life purpose, to empower their roles as parents, entrepreneurs or simply being who they are. I watch their lives shift, heal and re-create new energy of peace, harmony and balance in all levels of relationship. 
I am living my passion to share this work by facilitating a variety of ThetaHealing Seminars, Coaching work and Personal Sessions. During my pastime, I love to read and engage in exploring nature to find its beauty everywhere.

Extra Credentials

Emotional Release using Essential Oils
Crystal Layout - Remote Viewing of the Soul 
Usui Reiki 


"Yee Leng is an amazing soul ! I have the pleasure of working with her on several occasions. She is gentle, kind, compassionate and without judgment. I am very grateful that the Universe brought us together !"

Nedra Blietz
La Crosse WI, USA

"As a fellow Master & Certificate of Science Teacher & Practitioner of ThetaHealing, I feel truly blessed to have had the pleasure and opportunity of working with and studying alongside Yee Leng. Yee Leng is a beautiful, kind soul, with a heart of gold. She works with the utmost integrity, honour, pride,love and dignity. Along with these amazing qualities, she is able to gently guide you to a place that allows you to release any blocks/barriers that may be holding you back from experiencing a life you want to lead . Yee Leng is a magnificent, gifted healer who is genuinely there to help each and every person open up to their own truest potential moving forward. Always with light, love, blessings & honour my friend"

Pauline Harry
Melbourne, Australia

"Yee Leng is very easy and fun to work with. She is gentle, kind and empathetic. I felt safe throughout my session with her. Through Yee Leng, I came away with greater confidence to own my intuitive ability."

Fiona Kwok

"I have always been interested in spirituality and studied various books, websites and met teachers in person. So in my head I had this idea, I am a spiritual person. However, in 2017, over a very trivial matter I exploded with rage, the consequence of which I lost a hard to find job. Fast forward to December 2018, I met Yee Leng. She zoomed into an unresolved anger episode from childhood, What a heavy burden was lifted after the session and I felt so much gratitude for Yee Leng's assistance to deal with my dark shadows. Without hesitation I joined her 2019 classes and I am so delighted to be in the fraternity of Thetahealers. Everyone preaches love - the most wonderful energy on the planet, "

Sredharan Ramakrishna
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Growing up in Syria, my phobia of lightning and thundering was so intense because it reminded me of the constant fear of bombing around the area, Recently I received a short ThetaHealing personal session from Yee Leng. To my amazement, after this healing, the phobia of hearing the sound of lightning and thundering had vanished miraculously ! Again and again I made myself experienced the sound of lightning... I was so taken aback because I was not scared anymore !! I kept repeating to myself so excitedly I am not scared. How amazing !!"

Adnan Tero

"My first experience with Theta Healing was at a group healing session with Yee Leng. I felt a sense of peace after the session. In the mornings, I would sit in my car before work and go up to Theta state and ask the Creator to heal me from all past hurt and release all anger as taught by Yee Leng. About a month after that, I decided to pick up the phone and speak to my parents whom I have not spoken to in 20 years! We have now reconciled and treat each other with so much love and respect. I have been to two private healing sessions with Yee Leng after the group session as I had other issues to work on. She did a lot of digging and pulled out the roots to the anger and resentment I had on the people in my life. After two sessions, I am no longer angry and have since forgiven the past. It is recommended to go for a few sessions of Theta Healing if one has many issues to deal with. After my first private session, I had this constant heaviness in my chest - I felt like crying but was not able to. During the next session, Yee Leng did some further digging and we were able to release all the anger and resentment I have been keeping in me for so long. I cried like a baby during that session but all the pain was released. I no longer feel any anger or resentment for the people in my life. And the feeling of despair and the heaviness in my chest has disappeared after the third session. "

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I should say a BIG Thank You to Yee Leng. I feel more elevated and released after our session. Every day I feel better, my thoughts are clear and I feel more confident and self-worthy, Even my relationship with my daughter has changed, we are more connected now. I am grateful to Yee Leng for opening up a new perspective in my life. "


"当天学当天没了烟瘾。 记得一开始Yee Leng 老师就讲解了何为投射,如何转换信念。老师也特好,专注在这一块“点名”帮助我转换信念。就在当天课程过后上车准备回家,惯性地拿出香烟,突然感觉那一下并不是瘾起,只是惯势而已!随手就把香烟放下了。一路走着,想着真有如此神奇威力?基于好奇心驱使还是点燃了根烟挑战一下。深深的吸了一口,感受一下,怎么就不是味儿?强烈比较下,以前戒烟是逼自己停,现在是好像在逼自己抽! 一句公道话,现在有抽吗?有,还是有。什么状况?以前是无时无刻,烟不离手。现在呢?要在很有“条件”下,比如说在一班久违见面的烟友面前,又或者在一班抽烟承包商面前,还是有抽。什么感觉呢?唔。。。好像只是一种应酬方式啰。 最最有力的数据比喻就是,跟Yee Leng 老师学希塔疗愈之前一天可以抽上两包,现在一包可以整个月了还有剩!这对我来说已经到达一个要抽也行,不抽也行的境界,算是超大的收获了!感恩Yee Leng 老师让我见证希塔疗愈的神奇和威力,真的“开了眼界”。谢谢您。"

Chan Tak Soon

"感謝 Yee Leng 老師这兩天的希塔深度挖掘課程。 第1天的挖掘練習中,我的無形恐懼就浮現出來,這個信念伴隨著我一直成長,從沒因為我長久學習其他的心靈課而消失或被療愈。很幸運地在這堂的挖掘課,導師和學員盡心地幫我找出隠藏在深層的恐懼,使我不用再次逃避這個問題,而勇敢地面對及被療愈,也讓我的頭痛剎那間消失,整個人輕鬆自在。 第 2 天,導師解說遺傳與歴史層面的信念,我整個人處在昏昏欲睡的狀態,但是經過互相挖掘后,我整個人都清醒且很棒的是能夠清理祖先留下的负面信念。 這兩天學習希塔挖掘的过程中,了解到只要全然相信一切的挖掘和療愈都交託给造物主,我們只需要傾聽並見証,那麼就很輕鬆的完成療愈者的工作,而不必擔心承載著他人的能量。 有興趣的朋友不妨來向 Yee Leng 老师學習,會有滿滿的收獲且意想不到的驚喜!"

Doris Lee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Attending Basic DNA Theta Healing Practitioner with Yee Leng has been an extraordinary experience ! Yee Leng is patient, wise, and insightful in how she connects with every participant and conveys the knowledge and concepts with grace and ease. If you are seeking a life-changing experience, then I would highly recommend you attend Yee Leng's next training session! "


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