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About Me

It was a slide into poor health that set me off on a journey of self-discovery. My hemoglobin had dropped to 6.2 and surgery was advised, but I chose to heal myself back to good health through ThetaHealing®. The word ‘healing’ until then had meant ‘fixing’, but I realised that ‘healing’ was, in fact, quite the opposite. Healing was acceptance and love.


The entire experience proved so powerful that I decided to dedicate myself to helping people love themselves back to good health! I put aside my 27-year long history of working in the corporate sector to focus on Healing.


Since then, I have worked with many clients to help them with ailments, fears, depression, relationship issues, career issues and find fulfillment through rediscovering their amazing selves. You can see the beautiful reviews given by some of my clients by scrolling down.


"I reached out to Ruchira when I was amidst a lot of internal emotional chaos. I Having suffered from undiagnosed depression for 8 years which later manifested to adrenal fatigue my energy levels were completely depleted and no kind of medicine, therapy, yoga or life style change helped. There was a lot of deep rooted blockages in the mind which was making my recovery very slow. 2 sessions with Ruchira completely changed that for me. She helped me let go of a lot of emotions and energies that no longer served me which instantly brought in so much clarity into everything. I have gone from feeling utterly helpless and miserable to genuinely being grateful towards life. I have never been in a better place physically, manually and emotionally. Thank you Ruchira:)"

Sandhya Shekhar
Bangalore, India

"It’s hard to explain in words how Ruchi has impacted my life. I feel more confident and detached from my limiting beliefs. My self belief was at rock bottom when I first met her, she not only helped me remove my trauma’s and fears arising from past events but also aligned me with my future goals."

Reetika Gupta-Chaudhary
London, UK

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session with Ruchira. She is a beautiful soul. She is so calm and composed and you feel the same. It did help me a lot. It did wonders to healing myself from the demons of the past and present. Got to know a lot about myself and what makes me unique. She is very soft and is a perfect healer. She is very perceptive and understands you very well.It was an enlightening and learning experience. It helped me release all the negative energies, fears and insecurities. She is a very good human being too.It was highly beneficial and I would highly recommend her."

Asha Palliathu
London, UK

"I have known Ruchira for a very long time and have always loved her, for her positive energy and sense of humor! But I discovered her marvelous healing skills recently when I did a session with her for a pain I had in my shoulder. Her intuitive skills, kindness and expert guiding helped me identify the metaphysical cause of my pain and helped me to release it. My shoulder is 80 percent better after just that one session. Much gratitude to Ruchira and I highly recommend working with her and her healing modalities."

Nikhat Bhatty
Goa, India

"I don’t think I put into words the experience I had during the session with Ruchira. I was introduced to Ruchira through a very good friend Sandy. And I cannot thank her enough either. Ruchira was able to give me an appointment the following week. What I experienced was surreal and magical. I have been through a lot of modalities, but hands down this experience was purely soulful and to a great extent spiritual. Ruchira has a very special gift which she is kind enough to share. It’s been 2 weeks since I had my first session and I have there has been a deep shift in my perspective and overall energy. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to go through this experience. I would recommend anyone to have a healing session with Ruchira. Lots of love and light <3."


"I was introduced to Ruchira by a very dear friend of mine . I was at a stage in my life where everything just seemed to be stuck . But after my first session with her I felt she was able to see much more than I was actually feeling . She helped me heal so many issues . I felt a huge shift inside of me . My deepest gratitude to Ruchira and my dearest friend for introducing us . I am so grateful to you and would recommend your service to those looking to heal and create new abundance’s in their lives."


"I am a college student and had been under a lot of stress. After a session with Ruchira I was able to identify a lot of the reasons behind my negative thoughts and emotions. Talking with her really helped me realize how these negative thoughts were affecting my everyday life as well as my future ambitions. The session put me in a better headspace, empowered me, and made significant changes to my everyday life. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Ria Gonsalves
Atlanta, US

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