Larissa Alves Vitória

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



About Me

I am Larissa Theta Healing Instructor living in San Diego and I am passionate about helping people to achieve their optimum wellness, feeling joyful alive and radiantly healthy in all aspects of their lives.

I’ve been living and studying in Mali and Tunisia in Africa and in Dubai(UAE) and traveling and studying in India, Thailand, Egypt, England, Brazil, Lebanon, New York, Montana, Seatle, and California.

My mission is to teach people how to reach their highest potentials and purpose that drives their lives with integrity, happiness, and Love.

Extra Credentials

I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnobirthing, and Thetahealing Instructor. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Postgraduate in Adapted Physical Activity and Health. I am an international Belly Dancer and certified in multiple fields including International Personal Trainer, Pilates, Doula, and Child Birth Educator.


"Thank you so much for guiding me to access my Theta brainwave! Larissa's work is absolutely professional, caring and amazing! She worked with me through a Health issue I was having, instantly identify deeply held blocks that may have created the "dis-ease" (which I was not aware of) and replace them with positive beliefs and feelings! Transforming those beliefs through "somatic" practice in a positive way for the good! I look forward to continuing sessions with Larissa and witnessing amazing results I see in my life!"

Heffern Wanda
Dubai, UAE

"Larissa is a very attentive professional with really positive vibes! I decided to start the therapy for anxiety syndrome. After the second session, I started to feel so well and light! Like a lot of weight was taken off my shoulders. I highly recommend ThetaHealing therapy with her. Thank you so much! ❤️"

Jéssica Oinonen

"Quero dizer que fiz 3 sessoes com a larissa de tethahealing e me surpreendi com a rapidez da minha cura, que foi instantânea. Ocorre na hora. Nós entramos em estado de meditacao, encontramos os principais problemas que estavam me impedindo de seguir em frente, as crencas limitantes e as curamos. Me senti mais leve, tranquila e calma de um jeito que nunca fui na vida. Isso vem de uma pessoa que já fez inumeros tratamentos, hipnoses, autoajuda, pisicologis, religiao e espiritualidade.. e agora a cereja do bolo ( o tethahealing). Considero uma ferramenta poderosa que mudou a minha vida... e as mudancas externas estão aparecendo, porque a minha energia mudou. Eu e a lari conseguimos destravar tudo e curar na alma. Eu sou grata. Obrigada por tudo Lari querida."

Luciana Espeschit

"I had the opportunity to be treated by Larissa, with the therapeutic technique of Thetahealing and Hypnosis. I say opportunity because it was what opened many doors of my unconscious mind and allowed me to access traumas, which were previously hidden by my mind, and best of all, I was able to unlock them. I felt that Larissa was very sensitive and in tune to dealing with many different issues I have been dealing with. I felt welcomed and safe, so I could open myself, talk about my blockages without fear of being judged. She treated me very kindly and pointed me where I needed. After our appointments, I felt lighter and began to understand some repetitive patterns of behavior that I had and the root of them. So it was a blessing to have found this online therapy, that helped me completely, safely and humbly"

Larissa Sarmento
San Diego, CA

"Larissa is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. She offers many different healing modalities and combines them for a special, unique and customized experience. She is compassionate, loving, and very talented at her work. I felt safe and comfortable sharing deep thoughts and emotions with her during just our first session. I have worked with her for both theta healing and hypnosis and have had wonderful results. I was feeling lost and struggling with several health issues and she helped me to get grounded, rediscover my confidence, power, and true nature, and heal from my physical ailments. After our sessions, I also felt lighter, happier, and more accepting and loving of myself than I have in a long time. I have worked with many ​therapists where I felt great in the moment and even ​for the rest of that day, but it doesn't stick. The powerful shift I experienced with Larissa was transformational and here to stay! I feel so grateful for our sessions and recommend her very highly"

Alison Kate
New York

"My wife and I had a life changing experience when she was giving natural birth to our daughter Joya. The reason we had an incredible experience and decided to give birth to our daughter completely drug-free is because of the preparation that Larissa gave us. We are first time parents and going into labor, especially natural labor, without the proper preparation would have been a nightmare. The training Larissa gave us had my wife and I going into labor with confidence. My wife performed like a champion after months of training. This course should be mandatory for all parents especially first time parents. Thank you Larissa for the tremendous impact you had on our lives. We are forever grateful."

Wassim Shoucair
Dubai, UAE

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