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About Me

About Me and ThetaHealing

 I came to ThetaHealing® late in life, after a 40-year career as an executive in National Security. I still have a boutique consulting business in that area, as I transition more fully into ThetaHealing and Animal Communication and Healing.  

 There are many modes of energy healing, and all have healing benefits. What I love about ThetaHealing is it provides the tools and knowledge for you to be able to release trauma, find and change your limiting beliefs, and create the life you want.  It is a process, and whether you decide to learn through individual sessions or classes, you will gain tools that will serve you through your lifetime to understand who you truly are and how to create the future you want. More importantly, you will learn how to find love, joy, and gratitude in the present moment. 

 ThetaHealing can help you become a better leader, lover, spouse, teacher – it is not only for those wishing to become life coaches or engage other parts of the wellness industry. This is for everyone who wants to understand the “big questions” on a personal level and learn how to apply your answers.  

 Success is defined by engaging in the process. We learn that life is a process of learning: learning how to love and loving who we truly are. ThetaHealing allows you to awaken to your true purpose and gives you the tools to live your purpose through love. 

 I’m frequently asked who does the healing in ThetaHealing. It is God, of course, the Creator of All That Is. Like other “energy healing” modalities, we tap into the “life force”, the “unified field”, the “divine matrix”, or any other name for the glue that holds the Universe together.  We use the term “Creator of All That Is” since there are many names for God. 

 ThetaHealing is not associated with any secular religions, and all religions and belief systems are represented in the ranks of ThetaHealing Instructors and Practitioners worldwide. How you would describe yourself – from deeply religious to spiritual – makes no difference; however, it is important that you believe in the possibility of a higher power. As Jesus Christ said – even “the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains” (Matthew 17:20). In ThetaHealing, we know it takes only a mustard seed to successfully start your healing journey.

 Please join me in individual sessions, workshops, or group classes (taught both online and in-person). You have been led to this website for a reason – so you have already begun your journey.  Congratulations!

 Love and Light, Cathy

Extra Credentials

Joan Ranquet, Animal Mastery Program - in progress
        - Animal Communication
        - Advanced Animal Communication
        - Energy Healing for Animals
Crystal Inner Circle, Crystal Master Course - in progress


"I am an animal lover and every animal I see in distress, I feel like helping. On one such occasion, I found a little puppy with a severely damaged leg and broken pelvic. After months of treatment and not much change, I connected to Cathy about it. Cathy arrived as an angel in my little dog's life, Berry. With regular healings, Berry started to improve day by day. And then came the decision for her leg surgery, I felt so unsure, and again reached Cathy to help with it. With the beautiful and pure connection she had with animals, she in a healing session, literally made me experience what my little doggy was feeling, going through and what was her choice for her leg, to keep it or not. I was feeling so confused about her leg, and this session gave me all the clarity I needed, by knowing what the dog wanted for herself. It was clear, she wanted freedom from pain. Today, 6 months after her surgery, my girl is sprinter on her 3 legs and I completely owe all this to Cathy, all her healings miracles, and presence, it changed the life of my little girl from being one is pain and distress, to now, one of the happiest dog I have ever experienced. "

Divya Madhur

"Cathy is an astute clairvoyant who can see through your storyline and tell you what's really beneath it all. She pulled me out of what was effectively a coma, when I was going through a difficult transition period of my life. She is particularly gifted at identifying and clearing dark energies and restoring your light body to be crystal clean. With other healers I don't always feel the healing but with Cathy, you know with certainty that she has powerful angelic allies that she is working with."

Michele Parad
Florida, USA

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