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Planes of Existence London , London   United Kingdom Aug 19 - 23, 2020 Learn More
Basic DNA London , London   United Kingdom Aug 28 - 30, 2020 Learn More
Advanced DNA London , London   United Kingdom Sep 4 - 6, 2020 Learn More
DNA 3 London , London   United Kingdom Sep 9 - 13, 2020 Learn More
Disease and Disorder London , London   United Kingdom Oct 1 - 11, 2020 Learn More
World Relations London , London   United Kingdom Oct 21 - 25, 2020 Learn More

About Me

Hi, I am Camelia…

I am a healer, a teacher, a devoted friend, beauty lover and a continuous seeker for knowledge. Like many others, I was born an empath, highly sensitive to the energies and moods of those around me. I was what the world classes as a “sensitive child”.
Originally from Romania, I have arrived in London more than a decade ago in search for a better life. With my sensitive nature and an eye for detail, I soon took a keen interest in the fashion industry. As a personal shopper, I developed a high regard for all things elegant, exquisite and intricate. This rewarding career taught me to appreciate and look for the poise that comes with feeling good and empowered when wearing an outfit. I was amazed to see my clients’ confidence and self-love growing after my work was done. 
In time, I developed a further interest in psychology and the human psyche and decided to pursue this interest with a course in Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy.
My spiritual journey of transformation began in 2010 when suddenly I was pushed hard to face my own challenges. It was then that I discovered Doreen Virtue and her angel therapy books that helped me on this path.  Intrigued by this spiritual "new world" of healing and energy, I continued to search for clues until I found my answer…
…And the answer came in the form of a Theta Healing® Technique course, which talked about developing our sensitive gifts, connecting to a higher source of guidance, and enabling us to live our lives in truth and love. From that moment on, I never looked back. Slowly the veil was lifting and I could see the abundance of the universe we live in. I was finally home.
With guidance and compassion, I learned to come to terms with personal traumas and hurts, release toxic habits and energies that no longer served me and make room for love and joy. Within a few months my entire relationship spectrum and ultimately, my life, shifted: from ending relationships that were energetically draining to increasing my income while improving my work-life balance and forming friendships that enriched my psychic abilities and helped me grow on an emotional level. 
In time, I was able to build a strong connection with All That Is - the source energy of all things. I learned how to see myself, others and life as whole and complete, through eyes of compassion and love. 
As a practitioner and teacher, I have been working with many people in helping them connect to their beautiful true selves, recognise their amazing gifts, clear past traumas and blocks in order to unlock their full potential and love for life. I am passionate about guiding people to discover the light within them and to achieve their full potential.
From this divine space I created Touch of Light as a platform to reach like-minded beautiful souls who know they are so much more than the world sees them to be, who are on a quest of self-discovery and who feel there is so much more to life than mere existing. 
You're invited to join Touch of Light for inspiration, discovery and education on ways to releasing old limiting beliefs/paradigms that no longer serve you, reach for your goals, learn how to love and heal yourself and so much more.
Love & Light!


"“ I have been receiving theta healing through Camelia, for about two years now, and can happily say that she is an amazing healer and teacher. From a young age I have gone through many many traumatic experiences where I found a lot of my adult life I was struggling in all aspects and just kept struggling to thrive and became very easily overwhelmed with life in general. My sessions with Camelia are full of healing, light and unconditional love and understanding, through these sessions I have gained so much clarity, understanding, positivity and the most gentle push in the right direction and she has equipped me with the healing tools to maintain the great work achieved during our sessions. From becoming suffocated with anxiety, pain, negativity and sorrow, I feel lighter, stronger, overflowing with the love I have for myself and thus am able to have better relationships with others, and have the clarity and understanding of why I have undergone these life events which has in turn completely dissolved the guilt and resentment I have been holding in for too long. Theta healing is a very large transformer and important part of my recovery process and I am now much more positive and confident that I will achieve whatever I want in the future and even if I don’t, I am certain that I am safe and happy and whatever happens, I will be ok. "

Soorayah Beedassy

"“Just wanted to say thank you so much now that I have returned from the teachers courses. It would have taken me a long time to perhaps get to the point where I considered the teachers courses and believe in myself and you gave me that. You made me believe in myself, you made me believe I could do it and that I could help many people. You never judged, you never got impatient when I was locked in the anxiety and the drama of when I was really struggling with it all. My guardian angel. Huge love to you and I can't wait to see you and hug you. I have started to cry writing this because I am so eternally grateful. "

United Kingdom

"“One of the first things you notice about Camelia is her grace. Her presence makes you feel at ease and her gentle nature invites you to open up. She makes sure that you feel safe and protected. She is a powerful psychic and a compassionate healer. I witnessed an extraordinary shift in my life after the first couple of healing sessions. It was as if a veil had lifted and I could finally breath again. Camelia helped me understand why I made the choices I had made in life and what was blocking my self-development. This is the beauty of a healing session with Camelia - she helps you understand, while she holds space for you and helps you release the trauma with grace and ease. She is an amazing, gentle soul. Her drive to empower you and readiness to help are matched by her amazing intuition and empathy. I am looking forward to discovering more of myself and releasing what no longer serves me during our upcoming sessions. So grateful to have met you, Camelia!”"


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