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About Me

I am passionate about empowering people to heal themselves, transformation and personal growth through workshops, healing and guided meditations. I am Ex Vice President of a multi nation company and now a certified Healer and teacher of various healing modalities like ThetaHealing® , ThetaHealing®Soul Mate , Emotional Freedom Technique,  Reiki, Energy healing, meditation coach, and healing through Sound. 


I am based in Bangalore but thanks to technology I work with clients all over the world. Many people are suffering emotional, physical and mental pains due to, limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety and frustrations in their lives. I help my clients to move up from the painful space and lead them to the space of divine joy, happiness and inner peace. When we are at peace and awaken our inner self, wonderful opportunities show themselves to us. Watch the doors open and the light stream through as God's healing brings about peace and tranquility into all aspects of your life.


"Neha is a very wise soul, with her words of wisdom she is transforming me every day.I wish Neha a lot of success and will recommend everyone who are looking for transformation to learn from her."


"Neha Mam is truly an angel sent for us. My story: January 2022 I was in Bangalore and one day I was feeling very restless within. My money situation was a complete mess and I wasn't getting any direction to move forward. I was searching for a healing center near me & I bumped into Angels Miracle. Neha mam is such a great listener, she heard me very patiently for close to an hour and did one healing session on me. The moment I stepped out of her place and was trying to book my cab.. I received around 20k from my dad. It's very rare my dad would give me free money just like that.. especially after I have started to work. It was just a miracle.. she definitely cleared something from my aura that helped me attract some free money.☺️ Then in February 2022, I got a new job and 100% hike on my salary. I am so thankful to mam, for giving me faith in healing and hope to move ahead in life. I will continue to take more sessions and I urge anyone who's reading this, to visit her once in your life. Lots of love and light ❤️ to all of you!"


"My life changed upside down after receiving healing from Neha! use to have a semi negative thought pattern towards everything from my business to people and my overall approach to life, with healing sessions with Neha, she changed my perspective and thinking process about people and life in general to positive, I am more at peace with myself. I understood from Neha the secrets of manifestation and now truly confident that I can create the life I want. My deep rooted regrets, fears were removed through Theta Healing in just few sessions, I realised how much these wrong believes were weighing me down and were big hindrance in success and peace of mind. I am more content with life and getting back to confidence into things I want to do. the healing sessions have done wonders for me, which I would have not even imagined to happen in years to come. Thank you so much Neha!"


"My inner self has changed a lot since I received healing from Neha. And I feel that the situation is starting to change to positive way. From an early age, I had sadness and anxiety in my heart. I couldn't find the way to heal them. In a session with her, I faced the trauma I received when I was young and let go. I feel very light now and have no anxiety. I also learned that the experience of rejection I received from my family and the people around me when I was young gave me important learning. I noticed the perspective of looking at the situation. Now that I know why I had that experience. Neha taught me that I can receive the learning based on love without being rejected by others. Through the session, I was able to get a lot of knowledge to live this life. I truly feel that I am creating this life. I was able to regain my inner power. I am sincerely grateful. Thank you so much Neha!!"


"I was in a great mess until I met Neha. Helped me get back to being the old me. Your healing, advice and guidance helped me think through my situations. I appreciate your friendly presence and kind assistance to overcome my problems. Thank you so much !!"


"Am writing this today to tell you a big big Thank You! I remember the days when me and my husband came to you with our issues, we were in such dark place. It feels like another lifetime now! You heard us out with so much compassion and you were being so non judgemental about our situation, it made us feel at home and helped us pour our truths out to you. Each session of healing you did made our situation lighter. Now we are in a happy space which we never imagined we would ever be in! Our hearts are lighter, happy and joyous. We trust each other than we did before. All the healing you did has worked wonderfully for us, dear. Thank you so very much for being You and doing what you are doing. We both are immensely grateful to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. "


"I came across Neha’s practice through a friend who had amazing things to say about her and recommended her to me. After months of being unsure about how to resolve some of the issues that were bothering me, I am very happy that I stumbled upon her since she really helped me turn my life around. Neha was very understanding, sharp, and methodical in her approach. Often drawing from her own experiences, she helped me understand and reflect on my journey and gave me the reassurance and strength that I needed to get back on my feet. I also deeply appreciate the spiritual and energetic dimension that she brings into the sessions. The sessions created a significant shift in me in ways that I cannot quite explain. I felt happier and more at peace with myself and was better equipped to handle my issues. I experienced changes in my attitude and energy levels as we progressed with the sessions. ​I express my sincerest gratitude to Neha for helping me during this difficult time. Thank you so much for choosing to do what you do. "


"Today, because of Neha I am able to connect and work with Angels and my life has changed for eternity. Not only that, just as a true teacher she knew my energy blocks and she suggested me to undergo for theta healing. I must say, after the healing, I'm completely a different person today. My beliefs, my relationships, my work, everything has shifted to a new energy level. I'm loving myself, my work like never before and most importantly, I'm at peace today. The charges for healing are not expensive. You don't have to burn your pockets to transform yourself. I would highly recommend Angels Miracle to all those people who are looking to evolve in life. Thank you, Neha and all the best wishes for Angels Miracle."

Banani DasDhar

"I was doing meditation from last 20 years, I did so many things in my life but the true spirituality the true divinity was lacking behind somewhere and then, one day I went for healing , I saw a very simple lady but a lady with a divine aura and I was really looking for this thing in my life .she is blessed with the knowledge of theta the line which changed my life was "creator of all that is" which cleared my problem in my life for example my regression my disease and so on. An the things were so simple . I call her the" Mother nature ". Neha madam be always with me thank you for everything for changing me and my life. And protecting me from curse negative thoughts and all that which can destroy any person thank you thank you thank you very much ma'am"


"It’s a month since synchronously Neha(My Angel butterfly) and Thetahealing was introduced to my life. Life has taken a beautiful turn for the better, since then. With the Thetahealing sessions, Neha helped clear the guilt,shame, curse, trauma, resentment, rejection of decades which was weighing me down from my true potential in almost every aspect of life. Every day is witness of real transformation and peeling to meet my true authentic self. The Basic DNA seminar, helped me navigate to the next level of transformation for life with the Creator of all that is. Eternally grateful to Neha for being the catalyst and guide to a connection and path to divine consciousness. Every topic of learning, was backed with an enrichment of real time cases and examples of clients, and the power of thetahealing and how it was done. Seven planes of existences, scanning, digging, belief work, feeling work were touched upon in detail by Neha. She also helped motivate us while practicing, when we were at cross roads, doubting our ability to be able to do it. Neha is truly My Angel Butterfly "


"Neha, The earth angel. The way she delivered the content was amazing. Learning Theta would have never been easy without her. Detailing on Scanning, Digging, about "The creator of all that is" was so nice. Neha shared many of her miraculous experiences to boost the students confidence which helped me a lot. Neha is the apt Guru for all learners."


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