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About Me

I’m what you would call a “seeker.”  All my life, I’ve sought after truths that are beyond mainstream.  While others might be reading current fiction novels, I would be reading something like, ‘Roger’s Recovery From Aids,” or “The Cure for All Cancers.”  


I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its amazing ability to heal.  When I began having symptoms of Celiac Sprue, I remember going to a doctor who asked me how nervous I was.  This was back when no one knew anything about gluten, so I began seeking help at natural health food stores.  After reading an article about Celiac, I tried the gluten free diet and like magic, all my symptoms cleared up!  


I started listening more to my intuition.  My family called me a “health nut.”  Eventually I became a personal trainer, and then a pilates instructor.  I kept acquiring more knowledge about the body and earned my certification as a “Metabolic Nutrition” counselor.  People seemed to trust me for advice and would ask me for help with their symptoms or ailments.  I always had an answer for them.  I didn’t think much of it.  It was just natural to know how to help them.


I explored other ways to be healthy like doing QiGong and getting certified in BioEnergy, which is a way to clear and open up the Chakras.  So if a pilates client had a pain in their body, I would use my hand to clear it. 


I began studying about emotions and their effect on the body.  I studied with Herman Mueller, the founder of Psychosomatics and Body Analysis.  I studied the Emotion Code and how to clear emotions quickly and easily.  


I then began focusing more on energy and vibration and began to study about crystals.  Then I studied about vibrations in the environment and earned my certification as a dowser to help clear spaces.  Later I got certified in Healing Dowsing and used my dowsing rods to send healing energy to organs, sore throats, headaches and more.  And the problems would clear up.  


Eventually, because of some shoulder issues I was having,  someone referred me to a practitioner of Energy Medicine.  I was fascinated with the flow of energy through the meridians, the Radiant Circuits, and the Auric field.  I signed up for a 4 month course.  I started working on people and clearing up issues.  I even helped discover the root cause of a woman’s headaches she had had for 30 years. 


I thought I had finally found my soul’s purpose.  And then something happened.  I developed an inguinal hernia after teaching 3 really hard pilates classes in a row.  Working on chakras or clearing meridians was not healing the hernia.  I wanted to avoid surgery.  Then I remembered meeting a woman who said she was a Theta Healer.  So I gave her a call.  


It was amazing how I could feel the energy moving during that session over the phone.   All the healing work I had done to that point had been in person.  Now, I’m so grateful that my hernia brought me to Theta Healing.  


As I look back, everything I’ve studied up to this point has given me an understanding of how the body works and how to witness a healing by the Creator.  


Here are a few things that Theta Healing can help you with:

  • Clear old programs or negative beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Instill beliefs and programs that benefit and empower you

  • Physical pain

  • Disease or illness

  • Manifesting what you truly desire


I’m eternally grateful to Vianna Stibal for bringing Theta Healing to the world.  It’s my purpose to create a space of non-judgment and unconditional love for people to transform their core heart issues in this lifetime so they can align with the heart of their Soul.  

Extra Credentials

*Eden Energy Medicine Level I certification
*BioEnergy Level I certification
*Psychosomatics and Body Analysis certification by Hermann Mueller
*Spiritual Release Technique
*Metabolic Typing Nutrition certification by Paul Chek
*Diamond Dowsing certification
*Diamod Dowsing Advanced certification
*Space Clearing certification
*Healing Dowsing certification
*Energy Ring certification
*Energetic Branding for Business certification
*Transformation Essences certification
*Inner Diamond Basic Meditation certification
*Inner Diamond Advanced Meditation certification
*Inner Diamond Awakened Delta Basic Meditation certification
*Awakened Delta Advanced Meditation certification
*Awakened Delta Mastery Meditation certification
*Aroma Touch Therapy certification
*Diamond Feng Shui
*Master Pilates instructor with Physicalmind Institute of New York certification
*Master Pilates instructor with Stott International certification
*Zenga fascia release certification from Stott
*Osteo-Pilates certification
*Personal Trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine


"“Immediately after our session, I hardly felt any pain in my arm that had been bothering me for 2 weeks. Two days later, all pain was completely gone! Emotionally, I feel so much happier because I had release and relief of a burden that was zapping my energy. Thank you so much! I look forward to our next session to continue this spiritual and soul-care work. Thank you so much!”"

Carole G.

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