ThetaHealing Virtues Challenge

Moving into the new millennium it is important we remember to practice virtuous living. Remembering we are here to master virtues and the more virtues we master the more abilities we have. We are inviting you to learn and see virtues through the eyes of a child.
We are going to start posting videos on YouTube and social media with the intention of changing group consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet to a more positive energy. You can help. Ask your children what the different virtues are; Kindness, Courage, Wisdom, and Compassion. If you want to share them on YouTube or Social media and participate in the ThetaHealing Virtues Challenge you can hashtag #thetahealingvirtueschallenge
We will choose different videos to share. Imagine what kind of a shift we can create if we have a million videos about virtues. Kids watching and seeing the positive, parents being reminded of the virtues through the eyes of a child. Children are incredibly smart and intuitive. They have a lot to remind us and teach us.
Our first video is KINDNESS.