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Make positive changes by using ThetaHealing® Techniques_

Theta Healing is a technique designed by Vianna Stibel that teaches “how to put to use your natural intuition to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.”

Nini says,“My greatest pleasure is to teach others about Vianna’s techniques so that they know they are loved unconditionally and they are far more powerful than they realize. They can connect directly to Source/Creator themselves for answers, directions, and to manifest their dreams.”

Make positive changes in your life by using the amazing ThetaHealing Techniques which were channeled to medical intuitive Vianna Stibal from Source/Creator. Vianna used these techniques to cure herself of terminal cancer. She continues to use them to heal clients throughout the world, having given over 25,000 readings so far. Using these simple yet powerful techniques, you can train your mind to go to the Theta state and tap into the amazing healing/manifesting powers that reside in every one of us. By calling upon Creator, focusing the intent and witnessing the process, profound changes can take place.

Since the year 2000, Nini has witnessed countless healings–please read about Nini’s case histories in Vianna’s best seller, Theta Healing® , Pg 315-316

Introduction to ThetaHealing Book

Khám phá hiện tượng ThetaHealing trên toàn thế giới và cách nó có thể giúp bạn đạt được sự chữa lành mang tính chuyển hóa trong phiên bản sửa đổi và cập nhật này của hướng dẫn chính xác của Vianna Stibal.

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