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Компакт-диск із медитацією для практиків і вчителів


Компакт-диск із медитацією для практиків і вчителів
On this Practitioners and Teachers Manifesting CD Vianna will share with you her secrets to a successful practice in Reading’s, Healing’s, Seminars or what ever your heart desires to be a success! Vianna has been channeling this information and manifesting what she’s needed for years and believes being connected to the Energy of all that is and truly imagining in detail what it is you want, Will be key to a successful manifestation or healing.

1. Manifesting for Clients and Students.

Manifesting for Clients and Students is Viannas gift to everyone having a little trouble filling appointments or classes. This is the same Technique Vianna has used for almost two decades, proven to work again and again for others and for herself. She will walk you through a relaxing yet powerful technique that has already changed thousands of people’s lives all over the World!

2. Improving Readings and Seminars.

This is more of a lecture with some inspiring thoughts and simple suggestions from Vianna, when stuck on some of the most common obstacles of Client Readings or Student Seminars! This is a very intuitive and insightful lecture designed to aid Practitioners and Teachers in all areas of there practices.

Remember with The Creator Of All That Is and Faith too Believe in something greater than our selves and connecting to this energy moving through all things, all things are possible!

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