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I am a healer.

How do you know if you are? There are many indications that you may be a healer in this lifetime. One way to know that you are a healer is when people walk up to you and start telling you all of their problems. If you are sitting down and someone reaches over and starts telling you everything about themselves, it is a good indication that you are a healer. Sometimes, you feel it as a pull or desire. If this is true for you, there is probably a healer inside of you. When there is an indication that you put others before yourself, that is also the feeling of a healer. If you are the kind of person that realizes that you don’t feel as good as you should and your mom or your neighbor needs help, you still help even if you don’t really want to.

You can set boundaries when you are a healer. You do get to be in love this time, and you do get to have a family and children. However, as a healer, you do realize that other people’s needs outweigh your own needs. One of the biggest blocks and fears for a healer is that if you become a healer, you have to give up your time. And to be honest, you do have to give up your time a lot when you are a healer. One of the things we have to do is to realize that there has got to be balance. That is one of the biggest things for me as a person—that doing healing work is realizing that there is some time for me because usually, my time goes. For example, instead of getting up and exercising, I do healings. Instead of coming home from class and resting, I may be doing healings.

A block to actually being a healer comes through your ancestors. They may block you becoming a healer because a lot of them were healers, and that did not always have a happy ending. By releasing this block of what you may be doing all of these years and making sense of it, you will be able to put some kind of real identification and direction behind it and show you the power of the mind. The mind is totally incredible, explainable, and achievable, and I get to go teach all these amazing people that share a lot of the same view point that I do. That is cool. There are so many people out there that are intuitive and psychic. That is why, as a healer, I started to teach: first, to have people to talk to, but also to be able to walk your talk.

As ThetaHealers®, we want to shift our planet to more positive energy because we actually love the planet and love each other. We are racing against time to see if we can change the thought forms of the planet, one person at a time—and it starts with you. Відкрийте для себе ThetaHealing.

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Відкрийте для себе всесвітній феномен ThetaHealing і те, як він може допомогти вам досягти трансформаційного зцілення в цьому переглянутому та оновленому виданні остаточного посібника Віанни Стібал.

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Насправді гроші - це просто енергія. Але скільки з вас можуть проявити стільки більше грошей, які вам потрібні, зцілюючи, чого не потрібно