Manifesting the Impossible

Manifesting the Impossible

I have manifested things that I thought were completely impossible and watched them come into my life. Through manifesting virtues, it is possible to bring things into your life that feel impossible. Kindness, having heart, humbleness, humility, and gentleness are all great attributes to start bringing into your life. They may help you to manifest the impossible and make it possible. Any time you manifest without attempting to work on these things, the universe will help you work on them instead.

What do you need to become a better healer? You may need to see better in the body. You require more kindness and understanding, or a little bit more faith to see that things are actually getting better. You might need clients that are ready to be healed. Put these qualities and virtues down on paper, and this will help you give back and contribute to making the world a better place.

When you think about what you really want, think about how it is going to affect you, and what you want to give back to the universe. You can practice being kinder to the people around you. Every time you touch someone, even if you bump into them, send love to them. This can be one of your major goals – to send love to everything that you touch. When you do this, you find ways to give back to the universe and the impossible things you want to manifest become possible and into existence through virtues.

When you manifest for things there are no limits. You could manifest for your lifetime if you wanted to, but when you manifest, things that you thought that were going to take 3 years can happen in six months. Even if you manifest for a long term, seemingly impossible thing that is far away, it will happen.

One of my biggest goals is that in seven years we have made enough changes to the planet that we can move up while creating an atmosphere of peace. Currently, there is an abundance of energy shifting around, and it is time to work harder. I have goals of where I want to be with myself, of what I want to become, and to become a good human being. I want to fulfill people’s needs and to not get upset at people for just being people. I want to be kind and loving, and I want to manifest things that will help my family and the world, as well as have little things for myself.

To accomplish some of these things, to be better, to help the world, and to be a universal citizen, I work virtues to assist manifestations.

I challenge you to write down at least five things you believe might be impossible, look at the virtues, discover what you want to happen and manifest it. Every step you take along the way helps you in making the impossible POSSIBLE.

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