Оволодіння формами мислення

Mastering Thought Forms

When you master a virtue, you are also mastering a high-vibrational thought-form. Once your thoughts are of a high enough vibration, they connect to a Law and work in unison with it. Virtues can bend time and space and they move faster than the speed of light. Negative thought forms and the vices attached to them never leave the Earth’s magnetic pull. Nothing shows the fundamental truth of duality of the Third Plane of Existence better than virtues and vices.

Most virtues come with learning experiences that include vices, or negative thoughts to overcome in order to attain the virtues. Vices are used as motivation to go forward. Vices are not our enemy, they are actually designed to make us feel safe and secure. They ‘create’ a comfort zone for use. Our subconscious is trying to keep us protected. It keeps us feeling negative thought forms, but often they are connected to positive lessons.

One of the reasons why some people do not master virtues is because of their attachment to this plane and the relationships that they have with family and friends. They are afraid that if they progress too far spiritually, they may move beyond the third dimension and leave the people behind. On an intrinsic level, the soul already knows that it must develop virtues. It creates situations so that we can develop virtues for whatever goal it is seeking to attain. We create every negative (or positive) situation in order to raise our level of vibration. It is how we react to these situations that dictate the depth of pain and misery, or joy and happiness, that we experience in our daily life. When we focus our thoughts, we can be aware of what it is creating.

Our challenge is to live in a state of pure love, unaffected by all the negativity of this existence. One way to do this is to find out what we are creating in our life. It is true that our soul is always creating something for us to learn. When we focus our thoughts, we can be aware of what it is creating. In this way, we can focus on what we are supposed to do through our divine timing. Our divine timing is the reason that we are here – our mission in this life.

As important as it is to have virtues, it is also important to be able to direct our thoughts and send them with kindness, love, harmony, and humility. These energies are created by having enough virtues to influence a Law. The thought must be pure- a light thought – and precisely directed into the atomic structure of the beginning of all creation. Virtues give us the desire to do this by holding a pure frequency of vibration.

How do you know when you have learned enough to have mastered a virtue? By acknowledging that you have mastered it, practicing it, and feeling the change within you. You will feel the change, especially when you realize what the universe is trying to teach you. This is part of the awakening; the realization that you are a fifth plane being living in this illusion who wants to progress through the levels of the Fifth Plane.

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