Створення своєї реальності

Thoughts and Words have Real Power!

Your words and thoughts are stronger than you think. You must watch what you say and think – the result is Instant Manifestation! 

The ability to create manifestations with the power of the spoken word, formed thoughts and even with strong emotions will expand expeditiously with ThetaHealing. It is because when we are in the theta brainwave, we connect not only to our divinity but also directly to the Divine; the Creator of All That Is. It is important to be always aware of any random thoughts or expressions and how we project them. It is important to realize that there is an emotional component attached to words and thought forms that do not always follow logical conclusions.

If a statement is voiced enough times, the statement becomes a “reality.”  If thoughts are formed in a deep enough theta-wave, instant manifestations are possible. 

Think about all thought-forms that are in your paradigm. As you develop your intuitive abilities with ThetaHealing, words, thought forms and Belief Systems will all have power to create changes in your daily life – for good or for bad.

Your words have meaning. What do your words mean to you on all levels of your being? Perhaps they are blocking you from progressing without your knowing it. It is through awareness of how the spoken word or thought-forms that the power to develop a consciousness that is important. 

Be conscious of your word and thoughts. They are creating your reality, whether you are aware of it or not. Any thought pattern that comes into your awareness that is negative and repetitive is forming your reality.  To overcome this, use belief work to clear the thought form pattern, and create a new way of being, a new reality, in a higher thought form.

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Introduction to ThetaHealing Book

Відкрийте для себе всесвітній феномен ThetaHealing і те, як він може допомогти вам досягти трансформаційного зцілення в цьому переглянутому та оновленому виданні остаточного посібника Віанни Стібал.

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Блог Theta

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