Healing and Children

Healing and Children

Children have a pure conviction in the reality of the divine and generally will not block or hinder a healing. However, parents are often locked into their child’s problem so deeply that they will not permit the child to heal. They many have created beliefs that the child is and always will be sick and that nothing can help them. This interferes with the healing process.

With children, you should work with the parents’ belief systems. The biggest challenge is to get them to realize that their child can change. Work with the belief systems of both parents, especially the mother. Both parents need encouragement to know that the child can and will get better.

Love is the key element in healing a child. Check to see if they believe they have to be ill to get their parents’ attention. If they are old enough, ask for permission to heal them. ‘Old enough’ means that they are able to speak.

In certain instances, children heal but are then put back into the environment that made them sick. Pollution, heavy metals, poor diet and lack of nurturing can all be factors.

Children still have the “I think I can” energy. Wouldn’t you like to know what the “I think I can” energy feels like again? This is a childhood program that many of us lose along the way. Wouldn’t you also like to know that everything that you’ve done up to this point in your life actually matters?  

The chances of a successful healing with a child are very high. Children learn quickly, and often they learn in 4 hours what it takes adults 3 days to learn. Teach the children how to go up into theta, and witness healings. You might be surprised at how quickly they can learn.   

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