What is your Greatest Fear?

What is your Greatest Fear

Fears are always in the future. Compulsive fear in a person may cause a block in healings, readings, and manifestations. Sometimes when we manifest for something our fear blocks it or even creates the very thing we fear. When our intuitive abilities begin to accelerate, fear is the greatest danger to the person who uses manifesting prayers. It is possible for a person to bring their greatest fear into reality.

Fear causes us to stay in our space and blocks our abilities to heal and be healed.  It is the only thing that stops us from accessing the Seventh Plane of Existence. On one hand, you want to manifest something, yet your fears block it. On the other hand, you can create the very thing that is your greatest fear.

If the intuitive person would give as much power to love, light, balance as they do to fear and hatred, there would be little or no self-sabotage. The intuitive person should recognize how much influence thoughts can have over their lives. Fear programs can also be passed on through the genes or through the History Levels of a person. Pull, cancel, resolve, and replace energies as needed.  It is important to separate “fear programs” from the natural ‘fear” emotion a person needs to function as a human. 

There is a natural fear response that a person needs to function in times of emergency. It is important to separate the “fear program” from this natural emergency response.

Programs of fear occupy a great deal of space and when there is an excess of fear, there are problems in the adrenals and lungs. By doing Belief Work on your greatest fear and digging down deep, you can release the fear and enhance your intuitive abilities. Remember when doing fear work, follow through the scenario asking чому this feeling came about, how it happened, and when it happened. 

One of the biggest fears is disappointing God. Along with this often comes the fear that we will not finish our mission for God. You can also test for programs “God Hates Me”, “God has turned from me” and “I fear God.”  These are all misguided fears about God. As you release your greatest fears, you release blocks that stop you from healing and manifesting. 

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