Ключові моменти для інтуїтивного зцілення

Key Points for the Intuitive Healing

Powerful Blocks to Intuitive Healings

Fear, doubt, and disbelief are the most powerful blocks to any intuitive healing. You can influence readings with your own beliefs and fears, so if you begin to have any doubts during a reading or healing, get out of the person’s space, wash off and rest for a while, then start the process again. Use the ThetaHealing belief work on yourself to get clear yourself and to achieve the best healing possible. You can tell that your feelings are interfering with the reading if you have an extreme emotional reaction before, after or during it. Keep in mind that the client may have beliefs that maintain the disease, or block the healing energy from entering their space.

Virtues that Enhance Intuitive Healings

The essence of joy, happiness, and love generates the healing energy used in co-creating a healing or reading. To create happiness and joy in the healing, you must keep your personal affairs separate from your energy work. It is also important to have a degree of unconditional love for people. You should genuinely care people. If you don’t, you may find this type of work difficult. 

Creator does the Healing

You are never alone when you do a reading. You can go up and ask for help anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstance. You are never alone when you do a healing because you are not the one doing the healing, the Creator is. That is an essential fact to remember. 

Time does not Exist

When in the co-creative process of ThetaHealing, time does not exist. It slows to a crawl or stops completely during the period when the healing is taking place. This occurs because of the incredible amount of work that is happening must have time to finish without causing any difficulties on physical, mental, or spiritual levels. You must realize that once the command is made and your mind witnesses and accepts the healing, it has already been accomplished outside of the present time and reality. Being the witness brings it into this time and reality, allowing it to materialize and take a form in the physical world. 


Accept the healing as real. The healing energy of the Creator may bring it about so quickly that it is done before you can visualize it. If this occurs, command a slow-motion replay so that you can witness it and accept it.

Introduction to ThetaHealing Book

Відкрийте для себе всесвітній феномен ThetaHealing і те, як він може допомогти вам досягти трансформаційного зцілення в цьому переглянутому та оновленому виданні остаточного посібника Віанни Стібал.

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