Downloads: Positive or Negative?

Downloads: Positive or Negative? Create A Positive Result

Belief work is incredibly powerful. Downloads are also powerful when used correctly. Downloads give us the ability to start creating a new reality. When we download feelings, we are forming cell receptors in our bodies to receive new emotions or feelings that we want to create.

Downloads do not change the beliefs keeping you in patterns, that is what belief work does. What a download is designed to do is offer us a new feeling, a new perspective, and a new way of being. 

When we download a feeling, that is exactly what we get. For example, suggesting what depression feels like. We may think that the Creator gives us the perspective of depression to benefit us and teach us how not to be depressed, but we are given exactly what we ask for. If we ask to know the feeling of depression, then that is exactly what we will get: the absolute pure essence of depression. If the subconscious mind asks for a negative feeling, that is exactly what it is going to accept and create. This is the essence of co-creation between a person and the All That Is.

This is why we should avoid downloading negative feelings in an effort to create a positive result and should use positive feelings instead. In this example, a much better feeling download would be ‘I know what it feels like to live without depression’.

Sometimes, instructors argue that they can download a negative feeling or thought and then later counter it with a positive program. However, it may take a week, a month, or even a year or more for the negative feeling to melt away. Why would you want to know the Creator’s definition of depression, of poverty, or of sickness if you knew exactly what you would get? Always remember to avoid negative downloads.

On the other side of the coin, there are some positive downloads that may also cause stress. An example of this would be ‘I know how to deal with conflict.’ This download will most likely bring conflict since that is what you are asking for.

Remember the power of a feeling, thought, or spoken word work to manifest change. This change is generally straightforward and direct in nature. We get just what we ask for in the purest form.

Another download that would bring stress would be asking to be completely independent and at the same time ask for a soulmate to share your life with. This is an example of two programs conflicting.

Think before you use the belief and feeling work, and choose your words wisely when downloading.

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