ThetaHealing® Testimonials

My name is Brandy and I am Vianna’s youngest daughter. Witnessing my mom’s healing was one of the greatest blessings of my life. My mom’s story is amazing and so is the experience I received from my mom doing ThetaHealing® on me.
Growing up I had my front baby tooth until I was 12. Most people loose their front tooth at 6 or 7, but for me I didn’t loose it until I was 12 and when I finally lost my front baby tooth, no tooth came in its place. I went to the dentist and he told me that I didn’t have a tooth in my Upper Right Central and I would have to get an implant. I was so heart broken. In my pictures it looked really funny when I would smile and you would see this hole and it made me not want to smile. My mom told me not to worry  she would do a healing on my tooth and ask for one to grow.

A short time later, I ended up going back to the dentist and this time I was told that I had a tooth  it was just in the wrong spot. The x-rays showed it was on my upper right side of my mouth above my Upper Right Cuspid. The dentist said he would need to do surgery to move it into where it needed to be.

My mom once again comforted me and told me not to worry; she would do a healing and ask the Creator to move the tooth. Within a short amount of time I had a tooth and it came in perfectly straight. I went back to the dentist and the x-rays showed that the tooth had moved and came in, but that there was also another tooth coming in behind my front tooth. I ended up having that tooth removed and went from not having a tooth to having 2 teeth and now I have a beautiful smile. Thanks mom and ThetaHealing®.


“I was surprised about the light and knowledge of Vianna. But the best was find that she is just a women, full of love to everyone. Thanks Vianna for share that love with me.”
Selena Ortiz, Mexico

When my doctor told me that I have a final stage of breast cancer and have only 6 month of to live…I felt
my whole life smashed into pieces!! I had no hope or no future!! Only things waiting for me out there
was my own ” DEATH!! ” Had no idea how to tell my children….

One day, I was at a book store walking through an aisle to see if there is anything interesting to read!
All of sudden, one book fell off from a book shell and landed right next to my feet… I couldn’t step on the
book so I picked it up and checked the title to see what kind of book it was?? It was a book of ThetaHealing. ” Healing!! ” my eyes opened so widely and instantly believed this is a message from
the God. Once I started reading the book ….I knew you are the one guide me through to cancer free life!! My heart beat with excitement!!

Since than, I took your classes and learned its basics applications and became an instructor of the ThetaHealing in Okinawa no time. By using the ThetaHealing technique, I became more energetic
than before and I am cancer free today!! Thank you Vianna for sharing your experience and guided
me to cancer free life!!

Sincerely yours,

Kyoko Yoshida

I am most appreciative of ThetaHealing® because it gave me back my connection with Creator. It also provided me with exceptional healing skills to help myself and others live a peaceful and joyful life. Thank you, Vianna.

Marjorie Porta

I’m so happy to have found Thetahealing and through this my purpose, it has never felt so right… and in such gratitude! My heart radiates in this gratitude and love. Blessings to you guys!

Bree Melanson


Miracles Do Happen (with a little help).

My name is Sally. In June of 2001, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma arising from a mole on the back of my head. This diagnosis was devastating because melanoma does not have any effective treatment and is usually terminal. After having surgery, several consultations with doctors and several pathology reviews, lesions were discovered in my brain on September 11, 2001. This news was devastating because there is no treatment for melanoma malignancy that has spread to the brain. Usually the life expectancy is 4-6 months with brain tumors and can be as short as four weeks.

It was after this news that I became acquainted with Vianna. A family friend had heard of her successes in helping people with serious medical problems with ThetaHealing® and gave us the information we needed to find her. Vianna was absolutely wonderful from the start. Even with a heavy schedule, she was able to arrange an “emergency” session with me. During this session, she removed the brain lesions. Subsequent brain MRI’s have shown the lesions gone. At a later time, she cleaned my blood and a special test from the John Wayne Cancer Institute has verified that there are no melanoma cells in my blood. This essentially means that I am now clear from any cancer after having been diagnosed with this terminal disease.

ThetaHealing®, while miraculous, wasn’t the only thing that was so very impressive about Vianna. She told me on my first visit that I had “pins” in some old root canals that would cause me trouble. Two months later, a massive infection was discovered that resulted from the breakdown of old silver pins inserted during a root canal years ago. After I was subjected to whole brain radiation, I lost my taste which is a common side effect of this treatment. In a session with Vianna, I mentioned this to her and she made adjustments to the radiation effects and THAT NIGHT I was able to taste again.

Vianna has always treated my husband and I with the utmost respect and friendly approach. She has made room to see me when her schedule was completely booked. She is a sincere, compassionate person that takes her healing powers in stride. She gives the credit to God and declares that she is only the messenger. HER MESSAGE TO ME HAS BEEN ONE OF LIFE.

All the doctors have been unable to explain these changes and they are completely amazed that this terminal disease has simply disappeared. I know the reason and now the rest of the world can share in my knowledge. Vianna is truly a miracle maker.



My name is Renata Braun and I am Mexican living in Mexico City.

My life has change and keeps on changing everyday thanks to ThetaHealing® and her precious Founder Vianna. I am in love with the technique and the results I witness everyday in myself and in all of my clients and students. ThetaHealing® has changed my life completely and I keep on changing daily, doing work on myself and others. A great door has opened new possibilities for me and many others. Now I don’t live in the drama that I used to live. I am calm, happy and healthy and this really has made a huge difference in my life. I know things now that I did not know existed and to be in contact all the time with myself and the world around me  it´s so marvelous and great. This is a never ending tool for my life and I am so grateful to Creator for he has put me on the same path as Vianna and ThetaHealing®.

I learned to live my life in gratitude now, in my body and my world. I love ThetaHealing®, all the people involved and Vianna.

Thank you God.

Renata Braun


I have witnessed a lot of unusual things in my life but nothing that would have prepared for what I would experience in the world of Vianna’s ThetaHealing®. My very first experience was working with Vianna on a patient of mine who had seven brain tumors which were secondary to lung cancer. The woman was dying from the compression of the brain due to the tumors. I heard she was unconscious and unable to speak before going to the hospital basically in a coma after having a night filled with epileptic type seizures due to the brain tumors. Before leaving to go to the hospital I began working on her at a distance from home. Connecting to the creator I first had seen her on the astral plane as lying in the hospital with a sheet pulled over her head. Using ThetaHealing® I took her astral body up to the 7 th plane of existence to bath her in unconditional love. When I arrived at the hospital she was unconscious. I continued to use ThetaHealing® to heal her body and before I left she became conscious and talked briefly. By the next day she was lucid and talking. At this point she was able to have a phone consultation with Vianna. Vianna told her not to be surprised if the doctors couldn’t find the tumors the next time they did a MRI brain scan. I returned once more to continue ThetaHealing® on this woman. 4 days later the doctors stated that all the tumors on MRI had reduced by more than 40% and determined that the tumors were dying. At this point after not being able to walk or move her limbs she gained control of her body. It was truly amazing to witness.

My father was diagnosed with a deep invasive carcinoma of the esophagus. This type of esophageal cancer has less than a 30% survival rate even with surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. My father and I discussed that there was no point to all the invasive treatments with little hope of a cure and the reduction of his standard of living if he went through all these treatments at age 79 with removal of his esophagus. He was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. I decided I wanted to have Vianna work with my father on the prostate cancer because of the possibility of some core belief issues that may be too personal for my father to discuss with me. I was assisting Vianna who was in Los Angeles teaching an Advanced ThetaHealing® seminar and during the seminar I was sitting and in a very deep theta state and decided to work on my father with a distance healing. I visualized entering his body after connecting first with God. I saw the tumor inside is esophagus. I asked God to show me what needed to be done to remove the cancer. I spoke with the cancer so it would realize that it was hurting my father’s body, watching in disappear up to God’s light. The image was so strong when I arrived home I called my father and said “don’t be surprised if they can’t find the cancer on the ‘PET’ scan.” He went into the hospital 4 days later to have the PET scan to determine the size of the cancer and COULDN’T FIND IT! He called me very excited saying they couldn’t find the cancer! Here’s where the story gets really interesting. One week later the doctors call my father and say “well just because we can’t find the cancer it doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer.” Then they said “you still have cancer.” As my father told me this I felt has though the cancer had come back, because his belief system of [‘everything doctors say is true’] was so strong for his generation believing doctors are infallible. At the time I said well now I think you should go back in and have another endoscopic survey of the esophagus. Sure enough they went in a found cancer, HOWEVER, after biopsy they found it wasn’t the same cancer. It changed. The first cancer was deep and invasive and now this one was superficial like skin cancer. This new cancer was easily treatable with a new photo-resonate therapy which I suggested he do because I felt he believed he needed to do some medical approach. Well a year to the day later the cancer came back in the same spot. At this point I had him fly out from Florida so we could spend time clearing his emotional belief systems which were causing the cancer to come back. He went back to the hospital and they couldn’t find the cancer. 100s of biopsies later and no cancer!

Kenneth Best, D.C. Los Angeles, California

I initially came to Vianna in need of physical healing. Since then my experiences with Vianna as a practitioner and then as my teacher has led me through many healings but I’ve gained much more than great health. I now have a whole new life full of love, joy, passion, prosperity, and so much more. My first session with Vianna opened up my desire to have a clear awareness of life and all of its possibilities. I also became clear on my true passion which was to help others do this as well. Vianna read this in me and invited me to her upcoming class. I immediately knew that I was going to attend.

With this first and subsequent trainings I became a full time Practitioner and Instructor of ThetaHealing®, which has led me to a most wonderful and fulfilling life. The greatest change for me was that I was able to manifest, meet, and marry my soul mate. We met through Vianna’s classes and we now share our lives and a practice together.

As a full time Practitioner and Instructor I get to share the wonderful benefits of ThetaHealing® with people from all over the world. My students often go on to be instructors themselves and I feel honored and touched that I am part of what will be a legacy of healing that will only grow and spread as it touches people around the globe. The beauty of ThetaHealing® is that it doesn’t contradict other modalities; many of my students are practitioners of other healing arts and they are able to combine ThetaHealing® with their own techniques for even better results. My students and clients are in a word, amazed, by their experiences with ThetaHealing® because it works so well, it works so quickly and most importantly the results last! I can’t imagine a more rewarding path for myself because my clients and students report remarkable results overcoming a wide variety of physical and psychological ailments. I get constant feedback and testimonials from my students and clients on how successful ThetaHealing® has been for them. Every day I feel such love for Source and gratitude for all I have been able to create in my life. I am so very thankful to Vianna for showing me how to always connect with Source and for bringing ThetaHealing® to all of us.

With Infinite Thanks,
Eric Brumett, Certified Master

I have been blessed with the most wonderful gift…having Vianna in my life! She has led me to develop my intuition and deepen my connection with God. After being healed by Vianna I proceeded to take ALL of her classes. Being able to facilitate through God to heal others has changed my life. There is such a huge feeling of fulfillment in a way that is indescribable. I have never been happier or more satisfied.

Seeing people heal with theta is amazing! My mother-in-law had Hepatitis C which she had gotten from a blood transfusion during open heart surgery. She suffered many years before being diagnosed. Then she took the medicines available for Hep C. These only made her worse and she was forced to discontinue them. When Vianna came into my world she taught me how to work on Hep C. Miraculously, within a week her symptoms were almost gone. She had pain and burning in her kidneys and liver. These disappeared. Her liver enzymes were sky high and are now more stable and under control. Her fatigue level that kept her in bed for days is also gone. She now goes for vibrant daily walks with her granddaughter and is enjoying her life. Thank you God, thank you Vianna.

I have had the privilege of facilitating in many healings in the past five years. I have been guided in facilitating many healings of people who have been sexually molested as children and are for the first time being able to move on with their lives. I have, with Theta, watched many with addictions be cured and those move successfully forward.

There is so much in detail I could tell but I would need my own book. Let’s leave the books to Vianna and let God Bless her and guide her in our healings and our teachings.

Vianna, thank you for bringing miracles, fun and love into my life.

With gratitude and love,
Heidi LeMieux
Certified ThetaHealing® Master
Orange , California

I have practiced acupuncture for over 20 years and have been on the staff of Kaiser Hospital in California as well as on the Staff of the Institute of Integrative Medicine. I have studied and worked with the most wonderful people.

My entire life I always believed there must be a way that all of us could learn to heal. I intuitively knew that reality was not as it appeared to be and that all of us were much more than we knew. All of us are born with gifts to heal. I know it exists within all of us, just waiting to be discovered. I know the gifts that I have are no greater than anyone else’s. This I know to be true. Let me briefly share some of the things that I have witnessed since learning this technique from Vianna.

In 1999, a car hit my dog. Her back had been broken in 3 places and her leg shattered. She had a pneumothorax and her heart was pushed to one side, she had internal bleeding and a head concussion. The vet said she had no chance to survive the night. A year ago x-rays were taken of her. Dr Kaplan of Santa Rosa read the x-rays and to her astonishment, the x-rays showed no sign of any injury. The only evidence of my dog’s accident are the visible scars on her back.

In 2001, my mother was dying of renal failure and pneumonia, doctors had abandoned all hope and she had been on oxygen and barely conscious. They let me take her home to die. In the morning to the astonishment of all, she was sitting up eating breakfast outside in the sun and there was no evidence of any renal failure or pneumonia.

One of my clients, a young girl of 13 was terrified of dentists and also terrified of being put under or any kind of anesthesia. She had to have 2 teeth pulled and insisted that she do it without Novocain and asked that I be present so her mother and I went to the dentist. A few minutes later much to my astonishment, she emerged smiling! She had her teeth pulled with no pain at all!

One day a client brought a man into my office who had given up. His body was riddled with cancer and there was nothing that the hospital could do. He had gone through radiation, surgery etc. and they simply said that all had been done. He and his wife were great believers and had heard about the technique. I placed my hands on him and asked that all the cancer be gone. I had a vision of him standing in the clouds saying he was fine and all was well. I took this to mean that he would be passing on very soon, and after he and his wife left, I told my friend I was sure he would not last a week. I held out no hope I simply did the technique. A few weeks later to my astonishment, my assistant ran in to tell me there was a message for me that there was no evidence of cancer anywhere! I believe that his faith and the Creator’s love healed him instantly even when my own being had misinterpreted the message.

Once in the SF airport I was stranded without a phone because of a dead battery. I had an old cell phone that had not worked in months in the glove compartment. All I needed was for it to work once. It did and I was able to call for help. Afterwards it no longer worked but I was given what I needed!

I have had objects materialize and others transported places with witnesses. Again I must tell you the only truth I know is that we all are given these gifts and Vianna’s technique will enrich your life in ways you can only dream of!

Nini Gerard, Taylor Texas
ThetaHealing® Master
Acupuncturist, Former Staff of Kaiser Permanente

A healing crisis led me to ThetaHealing® and immediately I recognized it as the reason that I came to this earth and knew that I had found my life’s work. It answered questions that I had had all of my life. It helped me see how truly intuitive I was and I saw that it would allow me to do and be who I am without having to hide or to be in a box anymore…that I could be the joyful person that I truly was, love people and help them reach their highest potential that I could so easily see! I was thrilled and excited; my whole life suddenly made sense and seemed magnificently divinely orchestrated.
Sky A’Hearn, Animal Communicator, Artist, Chi Gong Instructor & Practitioner, Dog & Horse Behavior Modification Trainer & Healer, Instructor of Vianna Stibal’s DNA 1 & 2, DNA Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, & Rainbow Children’s Courses, Minister, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, K-12 Teacher, ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Waiora Distributor

Sky Ahearn– Northern California

ThetaHealing® is an amazing energy healing technique and process that is available and can be utilized by anyone, regardless of age, education, profession, or other background.

ThetaHealing® transcends beyond the “typical” energy healing techniques. It encompasses much more than a one-dimensional “healing” technique. Instead, there are three main subject areas that come under the wide umbrella of ThetaHealing®, and they are: (1) the Healing techniques and exercises concerning physical, emotional and spiritual healing, (2) the Belief Work that changes negative beliefs to positive beliefs on four different levels and (3) the fun and interesting Metaphysical exercises.

ThetaHealing® is also a healing method of choice, for the practitioner, instructor and client, because with ThetaHealing®, the Creator of All That Is is the healer and the practitioner is the facilitator. It is the ThetaHealing® Practitioner who witnesses the Creator performs the healing miracle. In addition, permission must have been obtained from the client or student prior to facilitating any ThetaHealing® exercise that the Creator will perform. There must be actual knowledge and consent for every exercise conducted in ThetaHealing®.

From my work as an Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, I have witnessed many “instant healings” and miracles conducted by the Creator of All That Is. Concerning physical healings, clients and students have reported the following:

  • Release of Pain (from necks, backs, arms, shoulders, hands, face, head, stomach, etc.) and this release of pain continues after the session.

    • One woman reported that she had debilitating pain across her upper back, neck and shoulders. She had gone to several physicians and surgeons over the past year, took many medical tests, took medication and she reported that nothing had relieved her pain. Then, she attended a ThetaHealing® experiential class that I had taught and she said during the class, after the Creator conducted a couple of ThetaHealing® exercises, that she felt “a tingling or electricity” going back and forth across the top portion of her back, and then, the pain was instantly gone. One half year later, when I taught another ThetaHealing® class at the same venue, she attended the class to report that the pain never returned and she has been living pain-free.

    • Use of extremities and full range of motion (i.e. instant healing on hand/arm).

    • Digestive disorders disappear after ThetaHealing®.

  • One woman who attended a ThetaHealing® experiential class that I had taught at a physician’s office had called me the next day to inform me that the “spot on her lung” which she said was evident on a test that the doctor had ordered for her, was gone the next day after she had attended the ThetaHealing® class and experienced the various healing exercises done by the Creator.

  • After the Creator performed a ThetaHealing® and did four-level belief work, with a focus on Resentments, on one woman, the bleeding and itching on her toes and feet stopped that day and soon after she was rid of the fungus on her toes and feet.

  • Two students in a Basic ThetaHealing® Seminar that I taught reported that their vision improved 30% after just the first day of the seminar.

  • Everyone uniformly reports that they feel tremendous peace after the ThetaHealing®. Concerning the four-level Belief Work – after clients and students experience the Belief Work, they and their lives are transformed. They are new people, with new, positive beliefs and behaviors. I could write a book on the many transformations that I have seen, especially in the area of Money, Abundance, Wealth and Success.

  • People with no jobs or careers, suddenly “out of the blue” are starting new, successful careers with websites, businesses and clients.

  • People growing their existing business – many new clients, new business contacts and connections.

Ellen Cohen, Attorney, New York – ThetaHealing® Master

Intuitive Anatomy

I had the honor of attending Vianna’s 3-Week Intuitive Anatomy class in July of 2004 and forever I am changed for the better. “Healer, heal thyself” is one of the first tenets of healing. It’s amazing how clearing one’s own issues (holistically, on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual) allows us to see, hear, feel and know intuitively and with greater clarity. I have healed myself and consequently, I am a better healer. Vianna’s inspired and comprehensive insight into the body as a holistic system is unparalleled. Vianna, truly guided by the Creator of All That Is, has taught us to quickly identify the root cause of dis-ease and to restore healthy balance back to the body through good nutrition, Theta healing and DNA/Belief repatterning. I have studied metaphysics and a number of alternative healing modalities for most of my life and this is by far the most effective method with consistently sustainable results. More than anything else, I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with the Creator on a daily basis and to see the Creator’s Unconditional Love reflected in the eyes of the souls with whom I am blessed to work. Thank you!

Rev. Raeann R. Rodriguez
Certified DNA Practitioner and Instructor
Los Angeles , CA 90045

Vianna and her teachings have changed our lives in miraculous ways, as well as the lives of those whom we have touched through the work. I have studied various methods of healing for over 40 years and have found this to be the most all-encompassing and complete healing I have ever experienced. Vianna is a beautiful and gifted channel and has the purest heart I know on the planet. To know her is a powerful and positive life-changing experience.

Rev. Mary C. Jones
Certified DNA Practitioner and Teacher
On The Healing Path
Lakewood, Colorado

I attended Vianna’s seminar in September 2000. I went alone and was the youngest in the class; so from the beginning, I often thought to myself “What are you doing, Shasta !?” But, as soon as I saw Vianna (and actually realized it was her), my hesitation disappeared. She looked much younger than I had expected and she kept on saying “We’re going to have so much FUN!!!!” So, as you could imagine, for a fifteen year old to be constantly hearing that was extremely comforting.

I spent the next few days listening, learning and putting my new found knowledge into action. By the third day, everyone who attended the seminar carried on as if they had all been life long friends. I have NO regrets on doing the seminar, I definitely think it’s worth the fee and I hope that everyone will have the chance to do this and change their lives for the better. And the best thing about it?…. IT’S SO EASY!!!!

Shasta Marcelo
Gold Coast, Australia 10/03/00

Having been raised in a community that supported Alterative Modalities, I have been exposed to and taught many forms of Healing my entire life. However, ThetaHealing® has now become my chosen modality and in fact my profession as a full-time practitioner and certified instructor. This is because I have been able to effectively change my personal life in all its aspects, mentally, physically and spiritually through ThetaHealing® and I now get the same results for my clients who are all over the globe. Vianna has been the most generous and sincere teacher I have ever had because she really cares about all her students and wants them to be able to learn everything that she knows. Training with her has been the most influential experience of my life and as has led me to the places I want to go. Not only have I been able to heal my body from physical illnesses but also the heartbreak of childhood experiences and the negative patterns that I fell into for many years. ThetaHealing® is limitless in its applications and I can easily combine it with all the knowledge I have acquired over the years. The beauty of ThetaHealing® is that it doesn’t contradict other modalities; many of my students are practitioners of other healing arts and they are able to combine ThetaHealing® with their own techniques for even better results. My students and clients are in a word, amazed by their experiences with ThetaHealing® because it works so well, its works so quickly and most importantly the results last! I get constant feedback and testimonials from my students and clients on how successful ThetaHealing® has been for them. I am forever grateful for all the wonders that Vianna has brought to us with ThetaHealing®.

With Thanks,
Eric Brumett ThetaHealing® Master – New York
ph: (212) 946-6587


Vianna has developed a revolutionary spiritual technology, which allows an individual to rapidly enter into the theta state of mind. The Theta state allows one to access and channel profound healing energies, which promotes dramatic healings
Da Vid M.D.
Medical Director
The San Francisco Medical research Foundation