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Vianna is one of the most remarkable people you will meet. She is the Founder of the ThetaHealing Technique and the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. She is a loving mother, grandmother, boss, and friend. Vianna is dedicated to sharing this life changing technique with anyone ready to learn. She travels the world every year going to 1-2 new countries a year to bring the ThetaHealing technique to the hearts of as many people as she can. In between traveling she writes books and develops new seminars to make sure the information she receives from the Creator is available to everyone. Vianna is an artist and loves to paint when she can. Learn more about Vianna.


Guy is Vianna’s husband. Before the ThetaHealing Technique was created Guy lived a life of Ranching. His experience with Ranching has instilled a work ethic and a driven attitude that moves the ThetaHealing Technque seminars forward. Compiling and updating new information from Vianna for manuals and books shows his commitment to spread this work. Along with these many other duties, Guy travels as a companion with Vianna to every seminar she teaches. In his spare time, his passion for fine craftsmanship has led him to become a truly magnificent swords maker.



Being the oldest daughter of Vianna, Bobbi has been part of ThetaHealing since its conception.  Bobbi has help grow the ThetaHealing Technique each year through her supportive attitude.  As the Director of Operations, Bobbi is responsible for all the business matters of The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge and the ThetaHealing Technique.  Bobbi’s favorite part of her job is having an office that runs smoothly and efficiently.  ThetaHealing aside, Bobbi is a dedicated and loving mother who loves spending time with her family and playing with her children camping, fishing, and relaxing in the great outdoors of Montana.  

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When you want something done, Brennan is a guy you can count on.  He is responsible for all the shipping for ThetaHealing, ensuring each seminar has all the materials that is needed.  He knows there are often last minute orders for seminars and Instructors and does everything he can to assure your order arrives on time.  Brennan is Bobbi’s husband who loves to fish, hunt, spend time with his family, and winning chariot races. 

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Brandy is Vianna’s youngest daughter who plans, assists, and executes all the Seminars that Vianna teaches, as well as coordinates all the ThetaHealing websites.  Brandy coordinates all the international seminars, student registration, and works with our Country Event Coordinators to help bring the best seminar experiences to anyone taking any of our ThetaHealing Seminars through the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. Brandy keeps her focus and attention on the individual needs of everyone with love and compassion.  In her spare time, Brandy loves being a mother to 3 energetic boys, watching movies and spending time with her family.  

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Christopher is the “behind the scenes” support guy who gets all the things done that is required in managing a business.   From maintenance to grounds keeping to shuttling to assisting students ensuring that every one has a pleasant experience. In addition, Chris does videography and puts together the DVDs/CDs for ThetaHealing.  Chris has been with the ThetaHealing team for over 10 years.  When he is away from ThetaHealing Headquarters, he enjoys riding his dirt bike, being outdoors, and spending time with his friends and family. 


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Lindsey has brought the ThetaHealing Technique to the technical mainstream.  Assisting with Social Media, Web Design, and Graphic Design, Lindsey stays up-to-date on the current information to keep the ThetaHealing Technique growing and reaching as many people as possible.  She is always willing to branch out and find what works best for the ThetaHealing Technique and our marketing image and design. Lindsey is a true professional committed to giving 110%, extending her services to all ThetaHealers.  When Lindsey isn’t working, well, who are we kidding, she loves working – and of course, spending time with her children. 

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