ThetaHealing® Romance- My Guy From Montana


For years I dreamed of a man that I was to be with later on in my life. I knew that he would have brown hair and blue eyes. As time passed, I knew that this person would be from Montana. I knew that he was a rancher or a farmer; I couldn’t decide which one it would be, but I knew that it was one of the two, and I knew that he would have a child. When I first dreamed about him, I knew that he was already married, but that he would become divorced. As time drew near for our first meeting, I knew that he would be driving an old blue and white truck and that his child was a young boy. For some inexplicable reason I could not reach the man directly. It was through the dreams of the little boy that I attempted to reach him, to have him tell his father that I was coming. For years I had intermittent dreams of becoming a great female wolf and running with a pack. In the form of this wolf I would run into the little boy’s dreams. In this form I would attempt communicate that I was coming to see his father someday. The recurring dreams terrified the little boy and he would wake up screaming and crying. These dreams went on for some years with no success at communication. It wasn’t until years later in 1997 that I met this man.




Guy-And-Vienna-Stibal-ThetaHealingFrom my dreams I would always call him my guy from Montana. I asked the Creator time and time again what his name was, but I was told simply that he was my “guy from Montana.” In my waking hours, I would tell my friends about the kind of man that I wanted, hoping that my man from Montana was the “one.” I was having a discussion with one of my friends. I realize now that I was manifesting for my soul mate, because I began to specify to her just what I needed in a man or I was going to give up. I told her that I wanted a man that was tall with blue eyes and brown hair. I told her that he had to be stable and I wanted the man that I dreamed of, my man from Montana.




In 1997, I met a man whose name was Guy Stibal. (Get it? Stibal sounds like stable.) When I saw my friend again she heard Guy’s last name and said “Boy, can you manifest!” Guy was a farmer and a rancher. He farmed on the family farm in Idaho and he worked on the ranch in Montana in the summer. He told me that his son had dreamt for a long time about wolves that kept coming into his dreams and waking him up. I had seen this man in such detail that when I met him, I thought the Creator was playing a joke on me, for certainly it couldn’t be this easy.




To this day I know that the Creator gives you all the answers you need. My husband’s name is Guy and he is from Montana- “My Guy from Montana.” He is a partner with me on this journey, supporting me completely in the creation of the ThetaHealing technique as we travel to different places in the world teaching people. This story was dedicated to my husband, and also to remind you to trust your intuition.

Guy-Stibal-ThetaHealing Guy-and-Vianna-Stibal Guy-Stibal-ThetaHealing
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