Lynda Chaikin

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science



About Me

In 1985, I began a successful 25-year practice as a deep-tissue Massage Practitioner and Ayurvedic Polarity Therapist.
I began my ThetaHealing training in 2006.
In 2009, I began attending Certification Seminars at the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) that have continued over several summers, completing a series taught by Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing.  
After earning my Certified Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner Certificate, I founded Merciful Heavens ThetaHealing in Santa Cruz, CA in July of 2009.    In 2011, I became an Advanced Certified ThetaHealing Instructor and began teaching ThetaHealing Certification Seminars. In 2013, I received certification as a ThetaHealing Master Instructor and Practitioner.
In addition to the ThetaHealing Certification Seminars listed below, I have completed 6 semesters toward a degree in the sciences at Southampton College, Long Island, NY, including several classes each in physics, chemistry, marine invertebrate zoology, and calculus.

Extra Credentials

CA State Certified Massage Practitioner and Polarity Therapist
TEFL Certified (Teaching English As A Foreign Language)


"Lynda is an amazing instructor! Taking the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing Certification Classes has changed my life in the most wonderful and extraordinary ways. Additionally, my health has improved ten-fold! I highly recommend Lynda as an instructor and practitioner."

Shanti L
Aptos, CA

"Every now and then in healing circles, one encounters a soul who encompasses all a great teacher-healer can be: loving, altruistic, generous, wise, funny, thorough in knowledge yet curious for more, with a genuine desire to elevate others and see them excel. Such a one is Lynda Chaikin."

David H
Ventura, CA

"The way Lynda conducts her ThetaHealing® classes makes what seems impossible possible, what appears difficult easy, and what feels serious joyous."

Linda P
Aptos, CA

"Lynda has been a great inspiration to me as I pass through this life not only in personal relationships but as I build my business. I would highly recommend Lynda to anyone needing a care and guidance in both areas. She has touched my soul while helping keep my mind focused and inline with what is productive and best for me and my family. I always feel so great after we meet and look forward to our next enlightening session! Thank you Lynda."

Deven S
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda has delivered tremendous support to our family. After my first session it was like a switch flipped, taking me from the mind set that "something must be wrong here" to "everything is fine and great." Since then, I have been more empowered and able to empower my patients. My business has been steadily growing. Also, rather than adding to the stress of my home with my mini-dramas, I am creating more peace in my home life. My wife Julia saw Lynda after an injury to her knee. Before the initial session, I was getting sick of Julia's whining and negativity. When she arrived home after the first session she was like an angel; so at peace, and sharing her love generously. Immediately her knee pain was reduced by 50% and she was much less sensitive to leg jostling, which had been giving her so much discomfort before. I highly recommend checking out Lynda's work for support with body, mind, or spirit!"

Nihal K
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda Chaikin has truly changed my life. As a Master level Theta Healer, she has the intuition, wisdom, and connectedness to help her clients uncover some of the belief systems that are holding us back. There are many different ways we may be stuck in our capacity to grow, and Lynda can help us find those blockages and transform them. This subtle, yet powerful form of spontaneous healing can help us heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and Lynda can guide us to take the steps necessary to live our most fulfilling lives."

Dr. Juli M
Soquel, CA

"Lynda Chaikin is a compassionate and gentle healer which comes through in a big way when she teaches Basic ThetaHealing, Advanced ThetaHealing and Manifesting and Abundance classes. I was fortunate to take these 3 classes last fall and have had amazing results in my life since competing all 3. "

Kathy A
Capitola, CA

"Lynda Chaikin is an incredibly gifted healer. In our first session, she quickly identified and resolved an issue that has had a major negative and limiting impact on my life. She is compassionate, thorough and effective! I highly recommend working with her!"

Cindie A
Aptos, CA

"Lynda is a talented healer. I didn't know anything about ThetaHealing when I met her. My session with her was eye-opening and more than I expected. She intuitively knows what questions to ask to get at the heart of how to remove blocks. I love her energy, caring, and professionalism. I've recommended her to several people already and will continue to do so."

Rebecca H
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda is definitely a diamond in the rough of this world. She is a gifted, talented and well-informed Transformer. I always feel more integrated after a session with her--whether it is on-site or virtual. Expect miracles to unravel after she works with you. She is a great addition to any wellness team. I have no fear: The Miracle-Worker is on my side! Highly recommended--especially for the SERIOUS who want complete body/mind/soul healing."

Gabrielle A
Aptos, CA

"I met with Lynda a couple of months ago not really sure what I thought our session was to be or feel like, just came with a open mind and respect for her work. We sat in her gorgeous meeting room with amazing french doors that look out to a huge redwood! Very peaceful, we sat and talked about different things, she prompted questions and when she would explain things to me it was very easy to take in. After our session I felt what we had discussed and worked out was really there! Inside me continues today to help give me a guided push to what is best for me...I do not get stuck anymore. Really is a genuine treat to give to yourself, you are the best tool you have."

Carmel Valley, CA

"I took Lynda Chaikin's Game of Life ThetaHealing class in October 2012. I was able to clear my unconscious blocks that I had around money. Doors opened beyond my wildest imagination, and immediately I could feel that Game of Life catapulted me to a level of abundance and confidence I had not yet experienced. I'm a mortgage consultant, and my income more than doubled in 2013. This is the antithesis of the news in the mortgage industry! Game of Life has allowed me to think, be and live in the abundance I desire both personally and professionally. We can benefit so much from ALL of Lynda's ThetaHealing classes. Lynda is a loving, gracious and richly skillful ThetaHealing teacher and practitioner."

Char J
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda is a powerful healer and can find what is blocking you and what can help you. Theta healing is a whole new therapy I've never experienced before but Lynda is super knowledgeable, intuitive, quick minded and helps you get to the heart of where you can truly be. Her own story is in itself amazing and it's truly awesome that she helps people heal! In addition she learned from the master and founder of theta healing and has been teaching many of the theta healers in our community. It just attests to her drive in spreading this healing art!"

Siing M
Capitola, CA

"After attending the Basic Theta Healing Class I have such a profound appreciation and respect for Lynda. I loved every aspect of the class and know that my life will benefit in many ways, including more peace, more health and many more manifestations I will be attending the advanced Theta class, can't wait. Once again Lynda, thank you for all that you contribute to healing our beautiful planet. You are such an inspiration to me and I am blessed to have met you and to experience Theta healing."

Katalina H
Watsonville, CA

"If you are not familiar with Thetahealing I recommend you call Lynda for a consultation. Lynda has such a giving heart and a desire to help people overcome issues both emotional and physical that are holding them back. I have found myself hung up on issues in both my personal and business life. Lynda is helping me work them and get to the heart of the matter. Thanks Lynda!"

Mahlah K
Aptos, CA

"Lynda is an extroardinary healer and a truly caring person.She helped me with some profound issues, one in particular that was interfering with my personal and business success. When she works with you she is so diligent and attentive-- you immediately feel relaxed and cared for and on the road to healing. In addition, she provides educational workshops that inspire and enable others to use theta healing for the benefit of our community."

Linda C
Ben Lomond, CA

"Lynda is extraordinary. I would have never even considered ThetaHealing until I heard Lynda speak about her healing practice. After just one session with Lynda I am feeling more calm, relaxed and confident than I have in years. I look forward to future sessions with Lynda and recommend her on the highest level."

Monice T
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda Chaikin is the most extraordinary Theta Healer. A patient we sent to her with chronic head and neck pain, and chronic digestive sensitivities was cured of her allergies in just a few visits. Now she is much better and needs far less Chiropractic work. We strongly recommend Lynda."

Dan M
Santa Cruz, CA

"ThetaHealing™ has changed my life! Thank you, Lynda! Our sessions have been exactly what I've needed. AND, most importantly, being in your classes and learning how to do ThetaHealing™ myself is exactly what the doctor ordered! :) I highly recommend Lynda Chaikin as a practitioner and instructor."

Denise B
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda is incredible!! Her gift of ThetaHealing is amazing and so powerful! I could feel the pain and negative energy fade away in my neck and shoulders during our session..... being replaced with positive, healing, soothing energy. Thanks Lynda for your healing!"

Georgianne P
Oregon House, CA

"I will admit that I was a bit skeptical though I did my best to keep an open mind... during the 20 minute phone consultation. After the call, I realized that she tapped in on something in my life that needed clearing. I continue to be amazed at her ability to help heal past pains and fears in my person-to-person sessions. Thank you Lynda for all that you are!"

Thaddeus J
Scotts Valley, CA

"Lynda Chaikin is an amazing healer...period. She put both my husband and myself at ease immediately with her gentle demeanor and strong presence (not mutually exclusive it turns out). I feel a loving confidence coming from her every-time she works with me through thetahealing that I find especially reassuring when doing this kind of healing. In other words, I trust her and her healing abilities. I have experienced both profound and subtle healings in just the few sessions I have had with her and I look forward to my next session."

Tracy L
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda provides a safe and comfortable environment for her clients. I have found ThetaHealing with Lynda to provide deep insight into long standing patterns which affect health. Through my work with her, I feel lighter and brighter!"

Dr. Natalie M
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda has relieved many of the long standing problems patient's of mine have had, that I referred to her. Among these problems are allergies, instability in patient's joints and many anxieties. I highly recommend her!"

Dr. Katie G
Santa Cruz, CA

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Lynda's Theta Healing practice first hand. The benefits I have come away with have been fantastic. I have learned things about myself and found new strengths and awareness's. She is very thorough and patient. and gets to the root of things when you least expect it with awesome care and sensitivity. Thank you Lynda you're a jewel."

Tracy T
Santa Cruz, CA

"I have seen Lynda now for 1 year for many different reasons and I highly recommend her. She has amazing knowledge and a true gift for helping people heal from all sorts of problems whether it be emotional, mental, or physical. Her care and love for people is evident."

Debra C
Santa Cruz, CA

"Even with years of working on "stumbling blocks" and layers of healing emotional wounds, one week after experiencing Theta Healing with Lynda Chaikin/ Merciful Heavens, I had a breakthrough of impact and noticeable difference, where the internal experience of less than serving emotions, made way for the emotion love. A density of energy has lifted and I am lighter! Thank you Lynda and your gift of Theta Healing!"

Mona O
Scotts Valley, CA

"Lynda is so good at getting right to the heart of a mental or emotional obstacle I have that's keeping me from really enjoying everything about my life. She's thoughtful, caring, and incredibly productive! She's very methodical about keeping track of what we've worked on and where to go next -- as well as consulting her resources and mentor when needed. I appreciate the solid approach she has to a discipline that is at times difficult to quantify. I've never had a better experience with this kind of support."

Kathryn G
San Francisco, CA

"Theta Healing with Lynda is an extraordinary experience. The first time I had a session, Lynda removed the radiation from my body and all the tension in my jaw released suddenly. I hadn't felt that in years! Lynda is very well trained in energy medicine and is in tune with the needs of every individual who crosses her path."

Miriam J
Santa Cruz, CA

"Lynda Chaikin at Merciful Heavens ThetaHealing has made such a difference in my life During my first session with Lynda I experienced a profound physical and spiritual change in my life. As a car accident survivor I have been dealing with lots of medical and psychological issues and I can definitely say that ThetaHealing and Lynda specifically has put the bounce back into my life. Her office is warm and comfortable and there is plenty of parking available plus she is handicap accessible."

Susan M
Ben Lomond, CA

"The work I've done with Lynda Chaikin over the past 10 months has been life-changing. This is the kind of healing therapy that is good for people who don't want to work too hard. It seems the work magically happens through Lynda's skillful sessions and then subsequently my life changes for the better. I appreciate how Lynda gracefully balances the scientific with the "woo-woo" aspects of healing. She is very professional, organized, and dependable. I always know what she expects of me and she runs her practice very smoothly because of these clear expectations. I have referred many of my patients to Lynda when I felt I couldn't get the results I knew my patients needed and deserved. And I've had nothing but positive and enthusiastic responses from them about their work with Lynda."

Dr. Elie C
Portland, OR

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