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Sandra Khoury is a Holistic Wellness Consultant, Alchemist,Sound Healer, Spiritual and Energy teacher, Certified Life Coach and Thetahealing Master Practitioner and Instructor.
Sandra’s gifts were developed at a young age, and her interest in the humanitarian field inspired her to join the International Red Cross during the war in Beirut for a period of 4 years, which was founded to protect human life, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering. She had also volunteered in the non-profit organization “Youth Against Drugs”; that protected, supported, guided and rehabilitated youths afflicted with different kinds of addiction.
Witnessing the process of her mother’s passing away from cancer, pushed her toward her spiritual and healing path. Sandra’s mother was her mentor, spiritual teacher and best friend. From that incident she promised herself to be at service to humanity by helping people maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.
She started looking into the anatomy of the human body and gained a deep understanding of different alternative treatments for illness and looked into the emotional and physiological dynamics behind disease. In 2011 she was introduced to Thetahealing and ever since she decided to share it with the world because of its miraculous results with her clients.
Sandra has a unique potential for making her clients feel comfortable, loved and supported while enjoying their healing sessions. Her clients experience improvement on the physical and emotional aspect, and full recovery from chronic conditions as diverse as diabetes, ovarian cancer, anorexia and more. Most of all her students and clients report positive shifts in their lives and developed success on a personal and professional level. Sandra always gives full credit to the Creator in all that she does, and advises her students to always look first at people’s heart instead of their face as a means to see beauty in of all humanity.
In 2015 along with her husband, Sandra established Holistic with Love and her vision for this establishment is to be at service to all the wonderful souls on this planet by teaching them through Thetahealing  how to always create their reality with love and always love whatever they create.

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Extra Credentials

Thetahealing Master Instructor & Practitioner
Certified Life Coach
Holistic Wellness Consultant
Sound Healer
Reiki Master


"Shortly after moving to Dubai, the universe put certain people in my path that lead me to discover the modality of ThetaHealing. At first I was skeptical, but I have always been a curious soul and consider myself a spiritual being so I decided to give it a shot. My first experience was a one-on-one session with an amazing healer, Sandra Khoury, which extended my curiosity to taking the Basic DNA ThetaHealing course followed by the Advanced DNA course. I am forever grateful for this decision and for meeting such a wonderful healer as Sandra. You truly experience a shift in your life when you begin to understand how powerful our thoughts are and our connection to Creator. Sandra is a wonderful warm-hearted teacher that truly cares for her students and has taken the time to share her knowledge, experience and gracefully answer all of our inquisitive questions. There is a sense of peace and tranquility when taking her classes and you will feel right at home with your soul family once you take her courses. I am tremendously grateful and honored to have been taught by such a kind soul as Sandra. "

Janira Hernandez

"I had the privilege to attend Sandra’s Thetahealing Basic and Advanced courses in June 2016. It was great to have such a connected, yet grounded person teach us this information, and get across all we needed to learn so effortlessly! Those few days were extremely transformational, and I’m continuing to feel the benefits. Sandra is a wonderful teacher that made us all feel comfortable and at ease while being a big support even after the courses were done . "

Zeina Rizk

"There are few who are as dedicated to teaching as Sandra is. You have teachers and teachers with love, of whom she is definitely the latter. No student of hers would graduate from any of her courses without a question or doubt unanswered, and the pace of learning and experience forming is at another level. They say that every student chooses a teacher, well I hope they would be as lucky as I was to have her as a choice."

Albert Lorenzo

"Sandra is amazing! After Beginner and Advanced DNA course, I feel more positive and patient. She showed me how to look at life differently, to release anger and feel the love of the Creator. She's a master who can be your friend and mediator."

Gloria Lorenzo

"Sandra is a loving healer,her open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. Her healing heart and compassion will help you shift any negative aspect in your life instantly. I highly recommend her as a healer and teacher because she has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world. You would be so lucky to have her as your healer and your guide. "

Samia Mayo

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