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About Me

If you ever feel neglected overwhelmed & lost. I’ll transform your pain with joy and happiness… I’ve been practicing this transformation this life time and my previous lives. If you feel you are more than who you are but You don’t know how to express your real-self. Do you feel stuck & depressed? You keep expressing shadow side of yourself instead light side . I want u to believe yourself first. Than you should believe in miracles. I’ll help you to create miracles in your life through Universe . I choose to be born one of the oldest ,most rich cultured and mystical city in this planet. I harmonized Eastern Wisdom and Western Knowledge through my life time. Im here for you.

Are you ready?

I believe in you.
Love ,

Extra Credentials


Emotinal Relase Technique ; Practitioner 

Accsess Consciosnes ; Accsess Bar and Access® energetic facelift Facilitator 


Maggie Flanigan /// Acting Training , NYC 

Studio4NYC /// Acting Training ,NYC 

City University of New York /// Commercial Photography, NYC

Studio Oyunculari /// Performative Acting Istanbul, TR

Cati Dance Studio /// Contemporary Dance Istanbul, TR


MUTLU MAGAZINE GROUP (MDG) / ( TimeINC.)  ///  Photographer , Writer , Fashion Editor Istanbul, TR 

CNN TURK TV  /// Intern Istanbul, TR





"August23rd 2017 An excellent intuitive reader who can help you get to the bottom of what's going on for you both easily and effortlessly. What I like best about working with Gamze is she is one of the most non-judgmental healers and listeners I have ever come across. I always feel like I can tell Gamze anything and she will respond with empathy, understanding, and support. Gamze is also very practical and thorough in her work as I have countlessly felt both lighter and more grounded in my body after each session with her. I highly recommend having a Theta Healing session with Gamze if you want to resolve your issues and feel empowered. Eleni Petropoulos "


"Jan21st 2017 I met Theta Healing when I was desperate about my disease which I believed it would last forever. I got my Basic DNA practitioner certificate and did several sessions. The sessions worked out just fine for my disease. But, unfortunately, the wounds was coming up whenever I felt unhappy, worthless and unsuccessful. I knew that changing beliefs healed my disease before, however, there had to be deeper beliefs since it always repeated. One day I was motivated to find an ultimate solution for this disease, I found Gamze on and sent her an e-mail. She immediately responded to me and we set up a session. During the session I witnessed the miracle coming true. We made our session over Skype and I felt her energy and healing all over my body during the session. I can not tell how happy I was after finding out the root beliefs underlying this virus. The shocking part was discovering that the beliefs were depending on my dna and had a devastating influence on me. Gamze is a magnificent healer. Thanks to her, I have experienced terminating the feelings, obstacles and impossibilities that have strangled me for years. I am very lucky to meet and benefit from such a powerful energy. She literally saved me from all the beliefs what I thought would never set me free. I can not thank her enough for everything. Academician A.C."


"Gamze is an intuitive and creative healer that can help you go places - out of this reality...places that feed your soul and spirit with magic and sweetness*** - Josa"


"Gamze is an intuitive and creative healer that can help you go places - out of this reality...places that feed your soul and spirit with magic and sweetness*** - Josa"

"Gamze is an intuitive and creative healer that can help you go places - out of this reality...places that feed your soul and spirit with magic and sweetness*** - Josa"

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