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About Me

Sherry Coffman is a Reiki Master Teacher, certified DNA Theta Healing® Instructor, certified Crystal Viewing Practitioner and Young Living Essential Oils® Team leader. She has decades of experience in helping others live more enhanced lives serving as teacher, mentor, coach and healer. She uses her intuitive abilities to combine healing modalities in the highest good of her clients. As an instructor she shares her joy and enthusiasm and works to ensure that all her students leave with a feeling of confidence in themselves.

Extra Credentials

• Bachelor of Science,
University of North Texas, 1977

• Masters of Library Science,
University of North Texas, 1995

• Young Living Essential Oils Team Leader

• Usui Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher
Quantum Visions, 2012

• Registered ThetaHealing® Practitioner,
Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, 2012
Registered Theta Healing® Instructor,
Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, 2014
* Certified Crystal Remote Viewing Practioner
7D Dimenstional Training LLC 2015

• Certified Thinking Maps Instructor & Trainer,
Thinking Maps, Inc., 2008

• Licensed Ordained Minister
Universal Life Church, 2012

• Landmark Education Graduate:
Curriculum for Living
Seminar Series

• Landmark Coach,
Self Expression Leadership Program, 2012


"Working with Sherry has helped me release a massive amount of resistance and to heal countless fears, old hurts and limiting resentments. We’ve worked together to clear out the old beliefs to make room for a greater potentiality. In the year that I’ve been working with Sherry, I’ve welcomed the relationship that I’ve been wanting for years, a great new job, and the momentum to create anything I want in life. "

Duncanville, TX

"Sherry you have a wonderful and graceful presence, as you allowed for me to feel open and at ease. You helped me by allowing me to trust and remain open for Spirit's Love and Light to intervene through us through the Theta Healing®. I believe you have helped me find my higher purpose, which is to be a healer through my multiple usage of color as an artistic modality."

Dallas, TX

"Sherry at Radiant Moon Reiki was helpful to me at removing personal blocks in my life that were stopping me from living a life I love. She helped me become more in tune with myself and the direction I want to take in my life. The energy healing of Reiki and Theta Healing have made a huge difference in my life. "

Irving, TX

"Sherry is an insightful, intuitive, and effective healer. She gets to the root cause quickly, resolves it, and opens up new possibilities in life. I came to Sherry several times frustrated with life and myself because I was running up against self-imposed limits so hard it hurt. I was getting nowhere, able to see how I was blocking and defeating myself, but unable to break through or change it. The obvious limiting beliefs were frequently red herrings, but Sherry searched past them to resolve the hidden belief, dual belief, or totally irrational cause-and-effect that was at play. In spite of being a fairly rational person I had a whole lot of absurd stuff driving my thoughts and actions. I was stressed-out and stuck when I came to her, but felt present, centered, and much more relaxed and empowered after a session. My life is more complete and fulfilling thanks to her and continues to improve."

Garland, TX

"Being an energy practitioner myself, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some very talented and gifted energy workers. After having several impressive sessions, I am comfortable in saying Sherry is truly an exclamation point in the energetic realm and clearly loves helping others. By being able to combine several modalities, she has assembled a very rare, unique, and diverse tool kit for the benefit of her clients. Having known Sherry for 40 years, I can attest to the integrity and total conviction she will offer and deliver. "

Denton, TX

"I’ve been in the midst of some important life changes. I’ve begun to work part time rather than full time while creating a business of my own. Since I’ve worked for others for about 45 years, this change has brought up many deep fears. Working with Sherry made it quite easy and effortless to recognize and let go of things that seemed insurmountable and to do so easily and comfortably. Rather than feeling fearful about the growth and challenges I am and will be facing, I have real excitement. If you’re ready to take steps to have your life be more of what you want, do yourself a favor and have Sherry at Radiant Moon help you move forward in accomplishing your goal."

Euless, TX

"I've seen Sherry a few times now and have felt more connected to my true self than I have in years. She taps into and releases the pain that caused me to build walls and shut out the love and beauty that is abundant in my life. Sherry is helping me live my life fully. I feel incredible after every session. "

Arlington, TX

"For years I have had extremely heavy menstrual cramping. After one face to face Theta Healing session and one distant session with Sherry, I have been cramp free for 8 months now! "

Keller, TX

"Sherry at Radiant Moon is like an old friend the first time you meet her... She made me feel like I was actually in tune with my feelings and myself. I can't wait to see her again to experience the power and benefits of Reiki and ThetaHealing®. It was amazing."

Arlington, TX

"Sherry at Radiant Moon Reiki is a gracious, warm and powerful intuitive. She quickly tuned into my issues in our short chat. While on her table I was at complete peace feeling suspended in time and space. I felt physically and mentally recharged from my session with her. She also gave me a tangible technique that I’ve used many times with mind-boggling success to deal with negative energy from others. I highly recommend Sherry to anyone open to energy healing."

Fort Worth, TX

""I have studied with Sherry to learn several healing modalities; including Theta Healing. The energy, care, and organization that goes into her classes is amazing! The discussions are meaningful, and the lessons are taught in a way that you can follow and truly embrace. Sherry allows her intuition to guide her and speak through her for the benefit of each student present. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable and confident in your ability, so that you can relax and just learn to create. Her gentle guidance reinforces each teaching and helps commit it to memory. I always leave classes encouraged, uplifted, and very excited to share what I have learned. And I also feel confident that I have all the tools I need to be successful. I appreciate her dedication to her mission of raising the frequency of the world through each student and client. I am excited to continuing learning from this amazing lady!" "

Fort Worth, TX

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