Paula McGuire

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science



About Me

I love teaching. My teaching the ThetaHealing classes and other Energy Psychologies has enhanced my life, the lives of those who study with me and the lives of those who work with them.
My original goal was to build bridges and I went to college to learn how to do that. I never did build any bridges, but I spent many years looking at what happens when various structures are loaded. In most structures it is the fractures that begin inside that we must be particularly cautious about. In my work I explored various treatments to alleviate stressors before they caused a lack of integrity in the structure and a rupture.
I find those same concerns are present in the lives of my clients. How do we manage to hold, dissipate, mitigate our life stressors before they threaten our integrity and cause a rupture, depression, anxiety, rage, addiction, illness, chronic aches and pains, lack of vitality and general unhappiness?

And so I build bridges to disconnected parts of oneself, to others, to whatever gives one meaning, purpose and joy.

My work in areas of personal, relationship and spiritual growth is particularly rewarding.

I have a long term meditation practice which feeds and shapes my daily life as well as my work.

Extra Credentials

I have master's degrees in Structural Engineering, Culture and Creation Spirituality with an emphasis in Spiritual Psychology and Counseling Psychology.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 40547), Certified Massage Therapist and Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner. I have studied the Energy Psychology techniques of EFT, TAT, DEH and ThetaHealing® as well as self-acupressure, all of which I use extensively in my practice. I have studied numerous bodywork, energy therapy and psychotherapy modalities and draw on those as needed. I am also an instructor of Tapas Acupressure Technique® (TAT®) and Dynamic Energetic Healing® (DEH®).

Professional Affiliations

I am a member of CAMFT, East Bay CAMFT, ACEP, RMPA, ABMP, and RESOLVE.


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