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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor


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About Me


I am Juliana Felix. I am a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor & Practitioner, Multidimensional Healing Instructor & Therapist, Arcturian Healing Master and Reiki Master .

I empower people to unlock their full potential so they can find and embrace their life's purpose so they can create a life they truly desire. 

I help these people identify and clear the deep energy blocks and limiting beliefs that are causing challenges in their life so they can release stress, enhance self-confidence and overcome their past traumas, fears and phobias so they can naturally attract more happiness, joy, love, wellness, health, abundance and prosperity.


I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and passionate about Ireland where I have lived since 2016. 

My journey of intuitive development and self-discovery started 13 years ago, when I became a member of IEVE - Oriental Spiritualist Mystical Institution -, where I studied and provided spiritual and energy healing treatments in Rio de Janeiro. I have also explored different techniques and expanded my intuitive healing abilities.

Over these years, I have grown and flourished in all levels - spiritual, emotional and mental so I have awakened to my soul's purpose and fully embraced it.I love seeing my clients and students become aware of their life purpose and being able to assist them in their healing journey brings me so much joy.



Meu nome é Juliana Felix. Eu sou Terapeuta Holística e Instrutora de ThetaHealing®, Terapia Multidimensional e Sistema Arcturiano Multidimensional de Cura.

Durante minha jornada de autoconhecimento, eu descobri o ThetaHealing® e com ele meu propósito de vida. 

Eu me tornei Instrutora ThetaHealing® Certificada pelo THInk, em 2021, tendo realizado cursos com a própria fundadora da técnica, a Vianna Stibal.

Desde então, eu venho ajudando meus clientes e alunos a identificar e a limpar os bloqueios energéticos profundos e crenças limitantes, que possam estar causando desafios em suas vidas. Dessa forma, eles conseguem liberar mágoas e ressentimentos, aumentar a autoconfiança, reduzir o estresse, superar seus traumas, medos e fobias do passado, atraindo naturalmente mais felicidade, alegria, amor, bem-estar, saúde, abundância e prosperidade para suas vidas 

Minha maior alegria é ver meus clientes e alunos se conscientizarem de seu propósito de vida e poder ajudá-los em sua jornada de cura preenche o meu coração de felicidade e gratidão.

Extra Credentials

Multidimensional Healing Instructor & Therapist
Arcturian Healing Instructor & Therapist
Reiki Master
Terapeuta e Instrutora de Terapia Multidimensional
Terapeura e Instrutora do Sistema Arcturiano Multidimensional de Cura
Mestre em Reiki 


"I would highly recommend working with Juliana to anyone who struggles with staying in the present moment. I personally struggle with overthinking all aspects of my life and worrying about the future. Many of these thoughts are dominated by worries, concerns and fears. Juliana helped me to see how I can challenge such negative thinking by reframing these thoughts in a positive light. She helped me to appreciate that I have unconditional permission to be myself and follow my heart. Juliana made me feel very safe and at ease. I felt comfortable sharing my inner most thoughts and experiences with juliana. She created a calm and non judgemental space in which I could be completely open and honest. I look forward to continuing my healing during with Juliana's guidance and support. If you feel your beliefs about yourself or your life are holding you back, it is possible to overcome this and Juliana is a wonderful person to support you in that healing process. "

Róisín O.
Galway – Ireland

"I would like to share with you today my experience as Juliana’s student. Since I started on my journey of holistic healing, I always seek opportunities to heal my body with Universal Energy and Juliana helped in this process. As a student of Juliana’s, I’m proud to say that I started my journey of holistic therapies in good hands. I’m a Nutrition and Health Coach and I want to help my clients to improve all areas of their life’s. I did the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA Thetahealing course with Juliana and now I know that it is totally possible to bring this kind of holistic healing to my own practice. She shows me during the course that it is possible to align everything to help people. Juliana has a huge knowledge of all Universal Energy healing therapies, which make a lot of difference when we talk about this subject. She is very kind and teaches very calmly, explaining everything with a lot of patience, showing love in what she is doing. I highly recommend Juliana’s healing therapies and courses. "

Simone H.
Galway, Ireland

"I had a Thetahealing session with Juliana to help me with fear of heights, the experience was amazing. Juliana talked me through everything step by step. The session helped me to brake through some walks I had built in fear. Since the thetahealing a lot in my life has changed. I don't even think twice about climbing a ladder. I really enjoyed the healing session, it has changed my outlook on life. I would recommend Juliana to people that are ready to leave unwanted feelings behind, like fear of heights."

Limerick, Ireland

"As someone who has not experienced thetahealing previously, I was really surprised at how I felt during and after the healing. I felt that I was in a deep meditation and extremely relaxed. It was easy for me to stay focused on what Juliana was saying and what I was thinking. The session helped me to identify what was wrong about the situation I was looking to 'fix'. This in turn helped me realise that I cannot take my experiences from this situation forward into new ones. I feel ready to take a step forward now and am happy to at least try. I would recommend Juliana to people who have blocked themselves (whether they realise that or not) from trying new things. She's given me the confidence to try and that's all I can ask for now. Thanks a lot Juliana, I really enjoyed the experience and am so relaxed now.” "

Eibhlis B.
Cork, Ireland

"Gostaria de compartilhar o quanto foi maravilhoso o curso Aprofundando no Digging com a Juliana. Foi um final de semana de muito aprendizado. Juliana sempre trazendo tudo com leveza e amor. Gratidão Ju por compartilhar seu conhecimento com tanto empenho e dedicação."

Fabiana R.
Santa Catarina, Brasil

"Fiz o curso aprofundando Digging com a Juliana em agosto de 2021. Eu estou muito feliz e agradecida por toda a entrega e dedicação da Juliana em cada conteúdo, sempre demonstrando carinho e amor no que ela faz. Logo após o curso eu já estou colocando em prática nas sessões com meus clientes o que aprendi com a Juliana e me sentindo muito segura com tudo que aprendi neste curso. Gratidão por tudo! Eu recomendo fazer o curso de ThetaHealing com a Juliana para todos que desejam atuar como terapeuta em Thetahealing. "

Sueli A.
Verona, Itália

"Minhas sessões de Thetahealing com Juliana trouxeram mudanças positivas em minha vida. A cada dia me sinto mais leve e mais focada nos meus objetivos. Toda essa experiência tem sido uma viagem de autoconhecimento e de curas emocionais profundas. Eu super recomendo sessão Thetahealing com Juliana."

Thais R.
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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