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About Me

My name is Esther Bruer and I am qualified in the ThetaHealing® meditation technique. I am a qualified Instructor and Practitioner. 
I was introduced to this technique in 2008. I decided to learn the Basic and Advanced technique with Vianna in Idaho Falls USA.
During my time there I learnt that we create our reality based on external and internal beliefs. 
Some of these beliefs can be limiting, and stop you from creating the reality you would like to have. So with the help of ThetaHealing® we are taught how to release those and replace them with empowering, positive beliefs. 
This can be done during a session as well. 
This technique has been incredibly life changing for me and has created a postive impact in my reality.
I returned to the UK and decided to embark on a teaching career. I qualified as a German Teacher and proceeded to teach Special Needs (SEN), and students who were registerd as having emotional behaviour issues (EBS). 
Our aim was to keep EBS students in school and to allow them the opportunity to gradutate school with at least the main three GCSE's; Maths, English and Science. This gave the students the oportunity to return to education when they were ready without having to start from scratch. 
I was repeatedly praised that my classes had been the calmest ever experienced at this school. I believe that my teaching skills, my empathetic nature and incorperating the ThetaHealing® technique were possible was the reason for achieving this calm space for my students. 
In 2011 I decided to leave Teaching as I wanted to create more change and awareness, and felt I could do that by focusing on ThetaHealing®.
For the last two years I have been teaching the Basic and Advanced Class ongoing, in Manchester UK.
I generally create classes around my clients and from people who are interested in attending classes with me. 
I also see clients either face to face but mostly via skype or phone. 


"Absolutely loved doing this course, it's life changing, opportunities are endless with an awesome teacher xx"

Heather Campbell - Higgens
Advanced ThetaHealing® Course, Manchester UK, April 2017

"Hi there Esther, Once again a big thank you to the power of 1,000! for running the ThetaHealing® 3 Day Basic DNA course that I and all involved attended in early February, 2017. The content you facilitated and delivered over the three days that this exciting, little course was run, was clear, well presented, well focused, practical, heart felt and much fun for myself and as much as all other students involved in what has been a great, personal experience of learning and growth both during it and the weeks now following it. Course materials as found in the Basic DNA ThetaHealing® manual as provided to us during this time were easy to follow and very well explained by you - Plenty of practical, relevant exercises as found within this manual were done during this time too! In addition to this, each of us being given a copy of Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing® book also completed everything learned without question. Both the manual and Vianna's book serve as a very positive dynamic for the budding Theta practitioner, as much as anyone curious to uncover the power of such a positive, healing modality. Many thanks once again & I look forwards to attending the Advanced Certificate course as offered and taught by you and coming soon. UCL always, Matt Z. "

Matt Zonca
Basic ThetaHealing® Course, Manchester UK, February 2017
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