Chessa Winter

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



About Me

I am a Certified ThetaHealing Pracitioner and Basic DNA Instructor.  I have a passion for supporting people by holding sacred space during each healing session.  I am an empath, intuitve, a mom, an entrepreneur for over 14 years, and I love to create!  I love hiking, rockclimbing, interior design, and spending time with my husband and two children.  I love the simple life, teaching people how to care for their bodies and minds.  I love learning about herbs and everything holistic.

Extra Credentials

BA Psychology


"Working with Chessa has been life changing for me. She takes the time to listen and help guide you to work on any issues that might be holding you back in life. She has a true passion for ThetaHealing® and has helped educate me on how to be at my brightest and best in between our Theta sessions."

Scottsdale, AZ

"Chessa has a passion for helping others and making everyone feel their best self. She is knowledgeable about ThetaHealing®, healthy lifestyles, and more importantly…figuring out the best solutions for individuals she consults with. LOVE my experience! "

Fishers, Indiana

"Chessa’s insights have helped me in my own personal growth as well as in my relationships with others. She manages to be encouraging and supportive, while still digging deep and tackling the hard stuff. She is exceptional at leading you through questions, allowing you to come to your own realizations. I recommend Chessa to anyone dealing with matters of health, personal growth, interpersonal relationships, or business endeavours."

Gig Harbor, WA

"I have worked with several healers, and experiencing a ThetaHealing session with Chessa has been so insightful as it is another tool to help bring harmony and balance into my life. Even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to address in a session, Chessa’s intuitive guidance helped me find the answer and pathway to healing. I highly recommend a session with Chessa as she is a supportive, positive, intuitive spirit that will change your life. "


"Chessa is a naturally gifted and deeply compassionate healer. Our sessions help me discover the deep causes of my suffering and I leave feeling liberated, lighter, and more energized. I’m grateful to be able to work with Chessa, and I recommend her with my whole heart! "

Bellevue, Washington

"Chessa helped me to see that I am an empath who was taking on other people’s energies without knowing. She has helped me to see my strengths. I have less anxiety, more focus and direction. She is easy to work with, a good listener, intuitive, and a passionate healer! "


"Chessa has educated me on eating foods that will help with inflammation. I now have a stronger connection with The Creator, and my relationship with my wife is much stronger. ThetaHealing has also been helpful with traumas I have experienced."


"Chessa has helped me with my business and clearing blocks around money and success. After clearing blocks & beliefs around success, my business has improved. She also helped me work through a major injury, and I’m surprised by how much healing has taken place. She is an amazing healer and I highly recommend her."


"Although I don't have much knowledge about ThetaHealing or how it works, I do have direct experience that it does work! After a brief conversation with Chessa, who is, very much, an intuitive listener and healer, she sent me downloads via text messaging for my resentments. What came up for me almost immediately following and that continued to unfold and process was how I behaved like a martyr and thus continue my resentment cycles. With the awareness of my own behavior I was able to release and clear these negative behaviors that were no longer serving me, but blocking me and my relationships. Working with Chessa was a very valuable part of my healing journey I highly recommend her. "


"ThetaHealing is the one energy modality that made the biggest shifts in my health, relationships, and business. Chessa is a wonderful intuitive, she takes the time to really listen to me. I recommend her if your looking for a new beginning in life! "


"I have had the pleasure of working with Chessa for over 2 months now. I went into ThetaHealing apprehensive as I had no prior knowledge or experience with this form of healing. I decided to let my guard down and be open to the experience. My ThetaHealing sessions have been truly insightful & deep. After every session, I feel empowered and stronger as I navigate through my life. For many years, I allowed childhood traumas to hinder my own growth and relationships with others. Through this journey I am learning to overcome barriers, to open myself up to self-love and to accept love from others. I am so grateful for Chessa and her guidance through this experience. My relationships with others are healthier and more meaningful. I have put in the work and I appreciate that I have someone as empathetic and competent as Chessa to help me understand that I can have control over my life and that I am worthy of thriving. "


"Chessa has a treasure chest of knowledge and abilities, I feel so much gratitude for being put in her path."


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