Michellé Pearl Boyce

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor


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About Me

My name is Michellé Pearl, creator of Aligned With Life. Spiritual Intuitive, Alignment Coach, ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor.

I am defined as being authentic, energised and as holding a high vibration within all aspects of life. Inspiring those around me to live their best lives gives me great joy, and is in complete alignment with the change bringer within me.

Having spent most of my own life undertaking a journey of development and self-discovery I recognise how intimidating it can be. I believe that I should use my expertise and experience to help others as they embark on their own journey – let’s leverage each other as we walk this planet. I would like to think that I personify the power of positive change. I am an example of how, with an open mind, support and a willingness to change you can create opportunities. Add in a little faith and you will become the author of your story.

As a natural born Spiritual Intuitive and an accomplished ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I help clients align with their own divinity and truest potential. I assist in discovering and releasing limiting subconscious belief programs which then enable living a life you love.

I believe that EVERY person deserves the opportunity to align with their purpose and live their best life, and have made it my mission in life to change the world, one person at a time.


"I just want to share the most profound experience I have had with Michelle and her wonderful course Life Alchemy she has put together, since the course I have seen so many changes mentally emotionally and spirituality. From the time of our first session I have seen tremendous changes in my growth with leaps and bounds she has shown me how to love myself and love my life and live my life to the fullest. I have changed so many belief systems that I didn’t even know I had that stopped me from moving forward. During the Course I was striped with belief systems that no longer served me and couldn’t believe I had them stored in my subconscious Michelle was for me like looking into a mirror a soul that was familiar yet warm and compassionate, her beautiful voice her calm poise was indeed what a teacher is suppose to be. She guided me through some difficult times and her connection with the creator is undeniable Michelle you are wonderful in every way there is this light and unconditional love you have for what you do and I’m so happy to be part of your growth and path. I’m sure that you will be the same to all the people you will work with bringing them into alignment and supporting them with yours and the creators unconditional love. You have made me so happy and so proud of who I am and what I stand for. Loving myself and loving others was for me a great teaching to understand it is ok to be me I can’t not thank you enough for the support throughout this whole process we shared our ups and downs my god bless you with the life you want to live and been kind and compassionate to others will get you there. Stay true to yourself and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful 2 months we have had together. So many aha moments which I will never forget forever in gratitude to you. Can’t wait for the coming months again!"

Sydney, Australia

"Working with Michelle was a wholesome experience. I appreciate her ability to hold space for another especially while working through such intense experiences and emotions. We've managed to clear so many blocks and limiting beliefs that I was holding. I initially wanted to do the Life Alchemy Programme because I am in the process of changing my career. For a long time I feared this change because I am in my late thirties and was afraid of foregoing my monthly salary - my "security". I knew the direction that I wanted to go in but didn't know how to get from where I was to where I want to be. While working through the weekly modules with Michelle we unearthed many years of belief programming that was holding me back. I discovered my magic! I realized that keeping myself small was no longer serving me. By doing the work and showing up for myself I've realized, with Michelle's help what my next step is and also creating a clear path to manifesting my dream. On top of that, my relationships have become richer, I've become more aware of my thoughts which allows me to make better decisions and I've been receiving so many beautiful messages from the Divine . Michelle... thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for the way that you hold space for others. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the gift of friendship - you've truly made me see how important it is to have such amazing love and support from women. I am grateful for you and all you do. "

South Africa

"I started 2021 knowing that I needed change and boundaries. I was running out of me by trying to please everyone, even at the expense of myself and my happiness. I had read a book over the holidays and it gave me a little push to understand that I need to take care of me for a change. This was quite a push out of any comfort zone I was in. I had the realization that a lot of my bad habits were passed from my family but also that they had the best intentions. In came Michelle and I signed up for the Life Alchemy Programme. I was not sure what to expect but something told me to do it. Not 1 day from then have I regretted that decision. The program has taught me boundaries, the importance of me so that I can serve others how I feel best. It has given me a new and much deeper understanding of life. I had unhealthy relationships with food and using it to protect myself. I now am on a health program that I am smashing day after day. It has given me the belief to push my own boundaries and grow in ways I forgot I could. I have learnt how to harness energy to serve me best and how to live my best life. I know what I want from life and everyday is a step in that dream. Michelle has taught me to be a Life Alchemist. "

South Africa

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